Web Hosting Plan Review provides a comprehensive review of the most popular web host providers in the market today. The web host providers are evaluated by independent reviewers which reveal relevant features that you will need to match your web hosting requirements. The reason for this is that a single web host provider offers multiple web hosting services that can fit into any business requirement. Multiply this to hundreds of web host providers and result in an increase of the client confusion, leading to poor web host choices.

Experts and Beginners Point of View

Web Hosting Plan Review therefore examines each web host provider so that you can determine whether it will be a close match to your needs. Other companies and review websites may make use of reviews done by professional webmasters. But for Web Hosting Plan Review, the actual recommendation will include the opinion of web developer beginners or internet newbies. The reason for this is that some new clients would prefer to develop their own websites using the web host provider’s existing features. This may be due to financial and employee limitations since a majority of websites are developed for home businesses. Other business owners would prefer to develop their own website since they already have a specific design in mind based on various website visitor experiences.

Client Feedbacks

The most important review is not from independent website developers but those from the clients themselves. Thus the reviews also include feedbacks from existing and previous web host clients which include both positive and negative experiences. This includes the comparison between price packages, inclusive features, marketing and advertising freebies, and web host server reliability. One of the most horrible client experience given through feedback is loss of data from the website. This may include customer, supplier and financial information which are essential to the continuous operation of the website. Losing even a portion of the client data through server failure can worsen the client experience since they will have to rebuild their database, wasting both valuable time and money. Web host clients may even have to hire expensive information recovery specialists to even recover at most 80% of their lost information. This will result in inefficient website operations leading to a poor visitor experience.

Main Goal

The main objective of a potential client is not to encounter an unreliable web hosting provider. The meaning of unreliable for the client is that the website is fully functional 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This also means that the websites web page opening does not result in a long lag time, an example of which is around 2 minutes or more. Major decision mistakes like this will result in lower visitor traffic, poor visitor experience and disappointing sales for the web host client. The normal objective of a web host client is to improve company sales, give relevant information, or for promotions. The client goal will not be achieved if the web host provider does not give reliable server services

Basic Web Host Package

The most common package offered by web host providers is through shared servers. The reason is that it is more cost effective for the web host provider since the needed or client files can be moved from server to server without loss of services. This means that the web host provider can also offer the service for a lower price, which makes it the cheapest web hosting package. Unfortunately the advantage of service reliability also means that the website will also share the server and may even include the IP address with other websites. This feature will make it more difficult for an SEO to find the keywords in your website content. The server sharing will also make operating reliability difficult for a website client since unlimited hosting is not actually unlimited. This is because the speed and resource usage of an individual server is divided among the existing clients which may number from tens and even thousands. If your business website is large enough to need a higher hosting speed and usage, then the use of shared servers may limit your operations. This means that you will need to purchase a VPS, Dedicated or Cloud web host service. Shared servers are best used for new website owners since it will take time to build the reputation of a website. The advantage of the shared server is that it is not only affordable in the long run but is also effective with regards to operations.

Important Web Hosting Features

Based on the various problems encountered by the clients as well as other feedbacks, Web Hosting Plan Review will include the examination of the:

  • Company history
  • Awards given
  • Offered price packages
  • VPS service offering
  • Cloud Hosting
  • cPanel
  • Customer Support
  • CMS software
  • Marketing and advertising credits
  • And other important features