512x512 (8)If you’re a site builder you will always watch out for certain factors that will impact the outcome of your site such as skill, creativity and resources. For your site to get online and establish a solid market and branding you need to have these three figured out or get an expert who knows how to professionally build your site for best results.

In addition, utilizing web elements such as photos, templates and texture will greatly help your website.

notiIt will entirely depend on your choice of web hosting service, its features and site builder so choose carefully.

iPage Hosting Service

ipageiPage is a web host that serves platform of a million websites. It is highly preferred by its users as well as web developers because of its inconceivably low price at $1.00 per month and its quality service. iPage also has over ten years of experience and expertise as a web host and this is why excellent customer feedback and high ratings from thousands of users are received.

Its basic hosting package includes:

icon_cursorAn integrated drag and drop site builder
icon_loadingUnlimited bandwidth
icon_drive_altUnlimited storage space
icon_cogsSimpleScripts installer
icon_wallet_altAnytime money-back guarantee
icon_starMarketing Tools
icon_like_altFree domain name registration (for the first year)
icon_lockFree Site Lock Security Suite
icon_cartFree Online Store and Free Blog

Drag and Drop Site Builder

512x512 (7)A drag and drop site builder similarly works like a powerpoint presentation where you can simply drag your item and drop it to your desire block. A website builder is a software application that is designed for the creation and publication of your web page.

notiSince this kind of software does not require a source code in order to create or make changes to a web page it is perfect for new comers.

512x512 (12)There are many different themes and templates ready for utilization you only need to choose among them with a simple click of the mouse. You don’t even need a webmaster to get it done it’s very much user-friendly where you can also add web elements such as photos, buttons, textboxes and tables to your site.

The design templates used by iPage hosting are integrated in its basic hosting package so you don’t need to worry about the unnecessary fees.

notiNote that this is an online application which means that it can only be used while you are online.

weeblyIf you’re a Weebly fan then you don’t need to worry about your existing Weebly designs, templates and themes because iPage hosting offers Weebly as its drag and drop site builder. This kind of software does not require a source code in order to create or make changes to a web page it is perfect for new comers and will it require any upload of files through FTP.

When you manage your settings from your iPage control panel manipulating your web page display, design, themes and templates will not be complex at all.

notiWith just a few clicks on the mouse you can easily create, remove or edit your web page without the additional work and time placed in using source codes.

Ipage and SEO Service

FavoritesMaking use of an integrated site builder is only the beginning for to get your site online more importantly you will want SEO services with iPage. Your site will only reach its peak of success if you are able to establish branding and target market through page rank and SEO.

iMac OSXAs part of the conditions set forth in this service is that iPage will gain access to all your web contents and files but note that this is only upon your approval including the use of company titles, logos, ideas and photos for SEO service purposes.

Additionally, you can have exposure to these search engines: AOL, Excite, Hot Bot, Alta Vista, About, Looksmart, Google, All The Web, Yahoo [web pages only], MSN, Lycos, and Netscape to name some.