Delete DatabaseAs a customer you will always have the option to cancel any service you are signed up with. You only need to know however, what process you need to undergo in order to completely cancel your service.

ipageiPage web hosting is a web hosting provider that is among the top picks by web developers and users because of its inconceivably low rates starting at $1.89 per month and its unmatched service delivery. But keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect provider so there may be a time that you decide to part ways with iPage hosting.

And in such instance you might find yourself asking if you actually can cancel you iPage account anytime.

notiNote that no service provider can hold you to its products and services at any given time at all while certain conditions apply.

iPage Hosting Service

FavoritesiPage hosting receives admirable feedback from web developers as well as users. It isn’t too much of a surprise because iPage’s experience and expertise is accumulated in its over a decade of contributions in the industry.

notiIts basic hosting package is perfect for new comers or large organizations because of its user-friendly qualities.

It essentially provides what is needed to get your site online such as:

icon_like_altFree domain name registration
icon_starTransfer for the first year
icon_cursorOne-click web applications installer
icon_drive_altUnlimited storage space
icon_loadingUnlimited bandwidth
icon_flowchart_altAn integrated web server
icon_lightbulbVarious scripts as well as applications

512x512 (7)And these are enough reason for you to have second thoughts in your decision on transferring your site to another web host. Before making an informed decision though take some time to consider the costs involved in site transfers.

Otherwise you just might end up losing tons of money in the process but again if you’ve decided on it, iPage hosting will not get in your way.

iPage 30-day Money-back Guarantee

03_256x256You still can avail of 30-day Money-back Guarantee with iPage regardless which party initiated the cancellation so long as it is within the stipulated thirty (30) day period found in the iPage User Agreement under section 2 (b), subparagraph i. You may refer to the below statements:

checkAny purchased account cancelled within the stipulated 30-day period from sign-up will receive full refund of all hosting fees. You only need to make a request through the iPage Support Team. But take note that in this same provision your domain registration fees and any additional services purchase fees are excluded.
checkIt also states that the 30-day money-back guarantee is only valid for accounts made through credit card payments. Unfortunately it does not include regular cash or other modes of payment besides credit card payments only.

iPage User Agreement Cancellation Policy

Panel SettingsYES, you can cancel your iPage account and iPage hosting will not do anything to hinder your request at all. This is stated under the same section and subparagraph of your iPage User Agreement. It states that both parties can cancel the service at anytime so long as a 30-day prior notice is duly given.

mastercard_512It is clear that iPage hosting allows cancellation of service by its users at any given time under certain conditions to be met and this may sometimes include cancellation fees. The minimum amount is a $35.00 cancellation fee applicable to those accounts who notify cancellation outside of the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

So, if you really decide on cancelling your iPage hosting account and would like to avail of the 30-daymoney-back guarantee feature make sure to notify our support team early on and within the set forth agreement to avoid unnecessary payments.