ipageiPage is a leading webhosting provider among many other webhosting providers available online. What makes iPage standout is its amazing rates and services as to because the webhost offers a comparatively low rate of only $2.95 a month! This $2.95 rate is one of the lowest rates offered in the webhosting market.

This is because most webhosts offer their services at a rate of $10 or more, and that’s at their minimum rate.

mastercard_512Yes, iPage does offer payment via debit card as one of their available methods. Paying via debit card has its perks as does the other methods of payment offered on iPage. One perk is that you will be able to use your actual money and not have bills charged to you and have these bills paid with credit which may lead to unwanted debt.

When you opt to select using your debit card or your credit card as a payment method, you should know that this entitles iPage the power to charge you and your bank account recurring fees on a regular basis.

This will, of course, be dependent on whatever webhosting package you have selected.

What are the other payment methods available on iPage?

There are three payment methods available on iPage:

checkVia Credit Card
checkVia Debit Card
checkVia Paypal

512x512 (7)The recommended and preferred payment method of payment is paying iva credit card. Not only is it easier, you also get to enjoy perks such as being able to avail of iPage’s 30-day guarantee. This offer does not stand for other payment methods due to the cost of having to operate the process of refunding.

So if you’re looking into paying via debit card, yet have a credit card, you may want to use your credit card instead.

FavoritesFor Visa users, MasterCard users, Discover users, and American Express users, paying your web hosting fees will come as a breeze as all the above mentioned credit cards will be accepted by iPage. Not only does iPage take these companies’ credit card users into consideration but their debit card users are taken into consideration as well.

This would then mean that iPage accepts credit cards and debit cards from these well-known corporations.

Paying your iPage fees with your debit card

Follow this detailed step-by-step procedure on how you will be able to select your Debit Card as your method of payment:

icon_desktopType in the iPage web address on your browser’s web address bar. After doing so, select the “Sign up now” button and sign up your own iPage account.

icon_cursorOn the page that follows the signing up process, select the domain you wish to use. This will serve as your website’s ID. This page will be where you select your very own domain, for the use of your page.

All you have to do is tick the check box which corresponds to the item of your choice. Click the “Continue” button thereafter.

icon_profileOn the page that follows the domain selection page, you will be asked to enter personal information (i.e. your name, contact number, and email address).

The “Payment Information” heading may be found under this panel. Aside from this, you will also select your method of payment on this page. In selecting your method of payment, simply choose between using your credit card, your debit card, or Paypal. Once you have selected your method of payment, supply information to the fields asking for any other information.

icon_check_altOnce you are done filling out the necessary fields and details, click on the “Check Out” button and this then finishes the process.