iPage is a globally popular web hosting company, well known for its affordable rates, flexible payment methods, and top quality services.

Getting Know the Webhosting Provider

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You may be new to the web hosting industry so let me fill you in on the things you need to know; the basics. iPage is a web hosting company that aims to provide high quality services to its users at cheap and affordable rates. Many say it’s not just one of the most popular, or one of the best web hosting providers out there, but a leader in the web hosting industry. There are many reasons these statements have come to.

It may be because of iPage’s very low regular rate of $2.95 a month, or its promo of having the first three months at a rate of $1.99. $2.95 a month isn’t half bad. In fact, it’s good. This is because many other web hosting providers make their service available only to those who pay at a rate of about $10 or more. With iPage, that price is reduced by up to 70%! iPage also has discount coupons scattered all over the internet which offer discounts to prospective users.

Aside from these perks, you also get tons of other features exclusive to iPage users such as:

  • Disk space and bandwidth are unlimitedly supplied by iPage to its users giving the customer. The ability to post as many content and traffic on their webpage virtually imaginable.
  • Aside from the monthly web hosting rate, web hosts also offer domain registration and domain transfer which can cost a web hosting user about $15 per year. On iPage, this already comes free on the user’s initial year of sign up.
  • DomainCentral is used by the webhost iPage. This is used in order to manage and organize all your web domains effectively and efficiently.
  • To be able to create diverse and dynamic websites, does one have to know about HTML? No. With the Weebly Drag and Drop Website Builder, you can easily create and design your webpage and make it yours.

Perks of using Paypal

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Yes. Isn’t that the answer you’ve been looking for? Paypal is an accepted method of payment on iPage. Paypal is a well renowned, popular, and widely used service by tons of people. The company is one of the most trusted in the field of online banking. Paypal isn’t only used by iPage, but is also used by many other companies. This is probably because Paypal offers one of the most in-demand services in such great quality.

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From the popularity of availing Paypal’s services, to the efficiency of online banking, Paypal is surely an indispensable asset to any online business. Paypal is also great for those of you who don’t wish to share their credit information online, giving you more privacy. But you must take note, when you select Paypal as your method of payment, like any other method, you allow the Paypalcompany to charge you with recurring fees.

iPage’s Other Payment Methods

iPage also offers two more methods of payments aside from Paypal:

  • Payment via Credit Card
  • Payment via Debit Card

wallet with credit cardThese two options are practically a staple to any great and well-renowned business. Like Paypal, these two also have their own perks when they are chosen as methods of payment. For credit card users, you get to avail of iPage’s 30 day guarantee which involves a money-back guarantee when refunding iPage’s service. For debit card users, you get to follow your budget without having to be bothered about the possibility of acquiring undesirable debt on your bank account.