iMac OSXYes, you certainly can opt to transfer your site away from iPage. Signing up with a web host is easy and sometimes, somewhere along the way into your service term a change of mind happens. This is where your anytime money-back guarantee with iPage may even apply.

notiJust be mindful of certain intervals in your service terms for that benefit to be invoked.

And make sure to get it just before you transfer your site to a new web host, so long as you’re entitled to it. Access restriction is also not to get worked up on with iPage.

512x512 (7)Your site transfer can be done in two (2) possible ways: (1) via a simple transfer of your domain name away from iPage to your new web host (domain registrar). In this process, all your files are kept with iPage hosting. (2) via an entire website transfer. This includes relocation of all the files and databases stored with iPage to your new web host (domain registrar).

Site Transfer Options

You may refer to the details below on how you can transfer your site away from iPage.

Domain Transfer

Between the two options this is more commonly used and basically shares common instructions as shown below:

unlockUnlocking of domain name – This is a common practice before transferring away from your current web hosting provider because domain names are commonly locked upon registration.

You will need to ensure access to your files and databases so make sure that your domain is unlocked before commencing with the transfer process. To unlock your iPage In your iPage hosting account simply click on the “DomainCentral” icon. This is found in your admin control panel. Just choose the domain you want to transfer then, click the “Unlock” button.

checkAuthorization Code – Authorization code (EEP or Transfer key) is important for site transfers because this will validate that the transfer was not done in error or by accident. It will serve as a confirmation by the user that the site transfer was intentionally processed.

Your transfer key is usually displayed in your account. Otherwise this is sent via email as soon as requested but note that authorization code retrieval process varies from each web host. You can refer to this link to get the contact numbers and registrar listing in obtaining your authorization code ( %20To#Nugget_2816).

transferDomain Transfer – You can add your old domain to your new domain registrar or where you want to transfer your site. This is however under the assumption that you have unlocked your domain as well as retrieve your transfer authorization code to continue with the transfer process.

You can confirm and finalize the domain transfer as soon as receive an email containing the final instructions. Take note that the process depends also on the web host so it may vary but generally this is usually the case. You can check if your transfer has been completed by typing in your domain name and pulls up in your new web hosting account.

Entire Site Transfer (Data Migration)

UploadIf you want to fully transfer your site away from iPage you can do so but this will require migrationof all your files and databases. You will need to download all your files and databases via FTP and then upload to your new web host. You will also need to make configurations to match the old account and website.

notiBecause this can only be done manually it usually takes a lot of time.

Unfortunately, this is similar to other web hosts and automatic transfer of websites along with its contents to your new web host is not supported by iPage.