iMac OSXThere is always the question of compatibility between web hosting and its operating systems because it is a significant factor in managing your site. The same goes for iPage web hosting, the recurring question would be, is it compatible with Windows?

The answer to that is simple – Yes! And this goes as well as with any other operating system including MAC and the reason being is that iPage is not OS-specific.

notiManaging your site has been made easy by iPage web hosting by taking out OS compatibility issues.

On iPage

03_256x256Providing over a decade of expertise on web hosting, iPage is a leader in the industry because of its quality service and affordability. Among the lowest rates in the market today, iPage hosting packages starts at $1.89 per month.

notiThis is why preference is given to iPage hosting by many users and web developers.

To do the same just simply go to and be part of its regular sale online and other offers. An iPage basic hosting package will include the following:

icon_drive_altUnlimited storage space
icon_loadingUnlimited bandwidth
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Active Sync and Exchange Mailbox

ipageiPage hosting is not an OS-specific web hosting service this is why it works with any operating system including the synchronization of iPage exchange mailbox with Microsoft – based mobile devices. Here are the things you will need, a Microsoft PocketPC 2002/2003 device, and Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007, iPage Exchange Mailbox, and Internet access.

notiNote that PocketPC 2000 or a Microsoft SmartPhone of any kind is not supported.

With these simple steps it allows your device to connect and be in sync to your iPage Exchange mailbox.

Windows-based mobile device Configuration with iPage exchange mailbox:

checkEnsure that the current setup is synchronized with device.
checkYou need to uninstall any existing ActiveSync software.
checkRestart of your PC is required so please do not forget this part.
checkDownload then run the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync available.
checkAs soon as ActiveSync starts, click on next.
checkGo to the “Get Connected” window and then connect your device to your computer.
checkOnce connected, turn it on but if in any case it won’t connect make sure to contact your device manufacturer.
checkSelect the “Set Up a Partnership” pane and choose the “Standard Partnership” option.
checkThe “next” button will display (Click on it).
checkOn the “specify how to synchronize data” window choose between “Synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server” and “this desktop computer.”
checkThe “next” button will display (Click on it).
checkIn the “Enable synchronization with a server” window enter the below details:

Server name:

Username: Your Exchange mailbox username used

Password: Your email address’ current password

Domain: MAIL

checkTick on the “Save Password” checkbox.
checkEnable the SSL option on whichever OS version being used.
checkSelect “Items of this information type may already exist on your device” window and then click on “Delete any items on my device…”
checkOn the “Enable synchronization with a server” window select the items for synchronization.
checkWhen you see the “Select Number of Partnerships” window select one from “yes” or “no” option, click on the “Next” button.
checkYou can adjust the settings on the “Select Synchronization Settings” window.
checkClick on the “finish” button.

For wireless Synchronization:

checkGet to
checkMake sure to click on Start.
checkWhen you see ActiveSync, click on it.
checkThen, select SYNC.