512x512 (7)Every web host has its own disadvantages and could not please all of the users. You may realize after you sign up for a particular web host that your needs were not met or you are not satisfied with their services. You always have the option to cancel your registration and if there is a money-back guarantee feature, you can take advantage of it.

Listed below are other factors why people move out from a certain web host:

icon_hourglassThere speed is slow and downtime is always experienced
icon_profileThere is no good technical or customer support
icon_currency_altThe fee imposed does not match up with the type of service they are getting.
icon_globe-2The web host services lack features needed for their website
icon_percent_altThere are discrepancies in the billing
icon_toolsThe services and tools are not user-friendly

Moving away from iPage

You can always transfer your website from iPage to another web host. You can cancel your iPage registration and consider which of the following options you will take in moving away:

checkTransfer your domain name to another web host or
checkTransfer your entire website to another web host

FavoritesiPage gives its clients the discretion to remain in their company or to transfer to other web host. iPage will not stop you from transferring. You may of course also take advantage of iPage’s money-back guarantee policy.

Transferring your domain away from iPage

ipageThe better option when moving out from one web host to another is by transferring your domain. In this transfer, all your files are kept intact in iPage while your website is being pointed to a new server. It is easy to do this transfer and you can follow the simple steps below.

unlockUnlock your domain – In order to avoid unauthorized transfer of the domain, domains are being locked. It is the standard protocol when you transfer your domain from iPage to transfer it through iPage’s Domain Central.


transferGet your transfer authorization code – After unlocking your domain, you need to get your transfer authorization code which is also known as the Transfer keys or EEPs.

These transfer keys are used to verify the intent of the transfer and is required by almost all domain registrars. Getting the transfer authorization code depends on the guidelines of your domain registrar. This is usually found in your account or upon your request will be emailed to you. On iPage, there is an online table called the “Knowledgebase” with which you can learn on how to get your transfer authorization code.

globeTransfer your domain from iPage to your new web host – In this final step, you will need the transfer authorization code. To be able to complete the transfer, you need to follow the steps given by your new web host.


After following the steps, you may have to wait for a confirmation through email stating that the transfer has been completed.

Transferring your entire website away from iPage

512x512 (8)As enumerated above, another option of moving out from iPage is to transfer the content of your website to your new web host. In this transfer, you will move all of your existing files and databases in iPage to your new web host provider. Unfortunately, iPage and all other web hosts do not have the capacity to automatically transfer all of your files.

What you need to do is to download all of your files through FTP and then upload this to the new web host. This option consumes a lot of time especially if your website contents are huge.

notiYou need also to do some configurations in order to make it work like it worked for you before.