iPage Web Hosting

ipageFor over a decade iPage web hosting has been taking things head on in the forefront of the web hosting industry. Highly preferred by web developers and users alike for its incredibly affordable hosting services, iPage is considered very competitive coupled with its unmatched quality against other web hosting providers available in today’s market.

notiIf you’re vigilant in checking iPage promotions and discounts for its online sale, web hosting offer starts at $1.89 per month.

There are also partner programs available with iPage hosting that allows its registered affiliates to promote and sell its products and services while earning extra profit through referrals.


What can you do with iPage?

512x512iPage hosting is great for creating your portfolio, building your website and even boosting your online ranking. iPage hosted sites provide a diverse and professional web design that would best suit your business or individual needs.

freelancerAdd-on services can be activated like the automatic site backup and recovery, iPage domain privacy, Premium SSL certificates and Community Directory. Additionally, as an iPage user you contribute to preserving the environment because iPage web hosting utilizes 100% renewable energy certified by a Green badge.

Before discussing common iPage complaints, let’s take note of the things you can do with your Basic iPage hosting plan.

checkFree Domain registration (for the first year)
checkFree Security suite (Exclusive)
checkFree Site building tools
checkAnytime Money-Back Guarantee (for remaining term)
check30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
checkUnlimited disc Space
checkUnlimited email and bandwidth
checkUnlimited MySQL Databases

notiIn any kind of business the customer is always right and it goes the same way with iPage web hosting.

512x512 (7)Over a decade of experience with diverse users and web developers certainly does not provide immunity from common customer complaints. Some prefer certain brands while some may not find it well-suited because everyone has different needs and preference when it comes to different products and services especially with web hosting service.


Common iPage complaints

Going up two bars 512iPage hosting is both user-friendly and affordable this is why individuals new to hosting as well as many web developers prefer its use. Today, web hosting demand is continuously increasing and has more competitors. Attracting your target market is key in establishing your website online and boosting your page rank.

notiNow, everyone has certain preference for hosting service and provider and sometimes, it creates conflict or complaints.

Here are some factors that commonly attribute to iPage complaints:

moneyLong Term Payments. Common among iPage complaints is the long term payments setup. While iPage offers inconceivably low rates starting at $1.89 per month (available in 12 months, 24 months and 36 months) for its hosting service, some users are still uncomfortable to make long term payments.

upgradeConstant Upgrades. Constant Upgrades are also done by iPage and it’s both a positive and a negative factor for its users.

downtimeSpeed and Downtime. Page loading time frequency is also a common iPage complaint among its users along with frequent downtime issues. Be made aware though that downtime issues are also dependent on other significant and simple factors like image size being uploaded, your internet connection, and the current browser in use. Another factor to take into account also is the peak and off peak hours as this may affect speed.

512x512 (8)Equally, web hosting service with iPage has its perks and the option to sign up is always with the user’s discretion. In addition to these common iPage complaint is the limited upgrade options which are often coming from advanced users. But because iPage has flexible and user-friendly features it is still best for individuals or businesses new to hosting.

And if you’re still dissatisfied with iPage web hosting service, you can always conclude your hosting plan and avail of the money back guarantee feature offered.