iMac OSXRobbery and impersonation aren’t only done in the real world. These crimes, among others, are also done in the cyber world; the internet. With hundreds of millions of people actively online, your data and information may be put at risk; note that not everyone on the internet is as friendly as you think.

notiInternet crimes have been a problem to not only personal and business websites, but also to government owned sites.

shield_512Without the proper protection your website could be breached, defaced, and compromised for all the wrong reasons. These are the reasons why many websites decide to take on protective measures for website security, personal information secrecy, and to avoid identity theft.

Get to Know Identity Theft Protection

128x128Out of all the protective measures that have been mentioned above, the most taken on would probably have to be the avoidance of identity theft. Now you may ask, what is identity theft? Identity theft is an internet crime done by what many people regard as “posers”.

notiThese posers will rob your online identity and may use this to deceive people thinking they’re you.

SearchThis crime is common among the internet and it happens to practically any type of website – even government ran websites. These identity thieves hack your website in order to use any information about you like your name, you email address, and you credit card information.

notiThis information may be used for deceptive reasons and this may cause you trouble in the future.

Other things you should know about Identity Theft Protection:

icon_shield_altThere are many online protection companies that offer their services of protection to website owners who wish to avoid identity theft at a certain price or rate.
icon_wallet_altThe fees on protective services range from $10 to about $20 for each month of service.
icon_lockWhat these companies will do is that they will use their protective services to secure the personal information you have entered into your account and will also protect the account itself.
eye2They protect your account by checking on it every now and then, and will report you whenever any unusual transaction happens or whenever any unauthorized access is done to your account.

Identity theft Protection, SSL Security and iPage

PadlockNo, your iPage webhosted account doesn’t come with free credit account protection. And no, iPage doesn’t offer any add-on service for the matter. This is because it isn’t really necessary since iPage uses WHOIS domain privacy options and SSL certificates.

notiThese two are more than enough protection for your website which is why there are no extra services offered.

Things you should know about Secure Sockets Layer:

checkiPage uses Secure Sockets Layer or Secure Sockets Layer.
checkSecure Sockets Layer is used to certify whether a website is protected from threats.
checkTo know whether or not a website is protected by SSL, all one has to do is check the browser’s address bar.
checkOnce you enter the website, you will see a padlock and https:// instead of http://.
checkThese two (https:// and the padlock) will and should be green in color; this green color and the presence of these indicate that the site is secure.

WHOIS Domain Privacy

whoisAs it is obvious, WHOIS was termed by simply putting together the words “who” and “is”, and so forming WHOIS. WHOIS is a query protocol mostly utilized to collect information on the web domain and the web domain’s owner.

So that the WHOIS archives may be kept from internet public access, the website owner should obtain WHOIS Domain Privacy.

notiUnfortunately, this feature isn’t offered for free on iPage; it comes with a price.