iMac OSXNo, iPage does not let you own your site but instead lease it to you with full control and discretion over the following: Copyright to site images, Site content, site ads, site update and maintenance, site applications and site quality.

notiIn terms of your site property iPage does not hold authority over what you place in them.

However, you will be held responsible on these:

checkCopyright to site images. Your responsibilities include copyright to the images placed in your site.
checkSite content. Your responsibilities include making sure that your site content is unique and original.
checkSite ads. You are responsible for making sure that your ads on your iPage hosted site are site appropriate.
checkSite update and maintenance. You will be responsible for any updates on your website as well as its maintenance and not iPage.
checkSite applications. You will also be responsible for your download and uploads of any applications used on your iPage hosted site.
checkSite quality. Your responsibilities will include providing quality content as well as relevant content for your iPage hosted site.

512x512 (7)In summary, maintaining your site is your responsibility and not iPage’s. You have the freedom, full control and discretion over the contents as well as activities done on your site. Whatever is placed into your website is basically your property and sole responsibility.

notiiPage is your web host from whom you lease your servers.

Should any complaint arise about your page and its contents are yours to address.

iPage Web Host

ipageiPage as web host is a leader in the web hosting industry backed by over a decade of expertise. Given this many users and web developers prefer iPage from other web hosts. More than that iPage offers inconceivably low rates at $1.89 per month along with its unmatched quality hosting services.

notiiPage hosting packages are also perfect for new comers because it basically is equipped with the essentials to getting your website online.

These are the inclusions in your iPage hosting package:

icon_wallet_altAnytime Money-Back Guarantee
icon_adjust-vertvDeck control panel
icon_like_altFree domain name registration (for the first year)
icon_starFree advertising credits
icon_cogsSimpleScripts installer
icon_loadingUnlimited bandwidth
icon_drive_altUnlimited hosting space
icon_mailUnlimited email accounts
icon_flowchart_altUnlimited MySQL databases

freelancerIf you’re an advance user you may check on its various add-on features. Again because this is an add-on feature it is absolutely optional and will only be added to your plan upon your activation.

Features include premium SSL certificates, domain privacy, automatic site backup and recovery as well as directory listing.

Your iPage Hosted Domain

FavoritesFree domain registration is part of your basic iPage hosting package you won’t need to pay separate for it. Note however, that this is only free for the first year which translates to iPage having rights to your domain until the renewal of your terms of service comes.

notiYour domain name is basically your website name in this format

buildingWhy is your domain name very important? Well, it represents your brand, services and the entirely of your business online. As the owner of your domain you get to choose how you want your business recognized starting with your domain name.

Panel SettingsAlternately, domain name reservation can be done until you find that distinctive name for your business. You can begin by registering your own domain name along with creating a professional image for your site.

Be reminded that iPage’s only assists in your business transactions by the iPage servers you leased but as to your transactions online, site content and quality these are under your responsibility, name and your records.