buildingIf you’re looking to get your business online or simply looking to transfer your website iPage hosting can be a viable option. And if you’re looking to see if iPage offers dedicated IP address that you need for your site, then, the answer to that query is “Yes!.”

While on a dedicated IP address with iPage you get to benefit information from its support team 24×7 for any of your encountered site problems.

Features included in your iPage web hosting dedicated IP address are as follows:

shieldSSL Security / Protection. iPage allows you to install SSL certificates on your website and is in partnership with a trusted SSL certificate provider — GeoTrust. Take note that there are two options for SSL certificates. The SSL premium certificate and the shared SSL certificate.

starQuick SSL Premium Certificate. This is an add-on feature or needs purchase before you can use it. It is a Dynamic Site Seal which includes a date/time stamp, has a protection plan with GeoTrust up to $100,000 and includes theft, loss of use, or corruption as coverage.

linkShared SSL. This is an integrated feature with your iPage hosted website so it will no longer require a purchase as an add-on to be able to utilize it. It basically show your domain as: https://yourUsern instead of or the actual domain name.

DownloadsYou also need to check if your web hosting provider uses a dedicated server or a shared server. Some are still utilizing a shared server while some are hosted on a dedicated server. This can make a huge impact in terms of speed and downtime for your website.


Dedicated Server Pricing

ipageiPage offers dedicated IP Address to its users while providing benefits like secured authentication and data encryption (SSL Protection), access to users even when the main domain is not working (on Dedicated IP address only), and directly access the website during heavy traffic with the use of FTP.

notiiPage also provides flexibility in terms of payment options for its dedicated servers as follows:


Pricing for Startup

check$129.99 per month (24-month term)
check$134.99 per month (12-month term)
check$144.99 per month (1-month term)


Pricing for Professional

check$169.99 per month (24-month term)
check$179.99 per month (12-month term)
check$189.99 per month (1-month term)


Pricing for Enterprise

check$204.99 per month (24-month term)
check$219.99 per month (12-month term)
check$234.99 per month (1-month term)


Why dedicated IP address is Preferred?

iMac OSXThere is great demand for businesses, social media or otherwise to be accessible on the net. These days being online means everything as it can impact a much broader market than ever. Since blogging captured the world’s attention many different online communities popped up and are continuously growing by the minute.

Going up green 512With this increasing development evident in the worldwide web advertisers, media, and many businesses has brought up their products and services online. This too had given birth to a huge demand for web hosting and its innovations.

notiiPage is among the experienced web hosting providers in the industry bringing over a decade of expertise to its users.

512x512 (7)And it’s dedicated IP address is widely preferred by both web developers and its users because of the many benefits it provides. Compared to a shared IP address, having a dedicated IP address will save you cost by not having to deal with the common issues that is encountered with a shared IP address like its speed and downtime.

While a dedicated IP address counts as an add-on feature with iPage hosting it serves as an investment for your site because it ensures uptime and other features you will find practical to your business needs.