Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SearchSearch Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a service offered by iPage to its users as a means to increase relevant online visibility. It involves processes like analyzing your site and provides solutions on how your site can be prominently listed in the top search engines online like Yahoo!, Google and Bing.

notiThis will increase your foot traffic and page rank for your site.

bookmark_512If you don’t already have an SEO service with your site you can go directly to this link: The specifics will be discussed to you by iPage’s knowledgeable and professional SEO team. Search engine optimization indeed plays a significant role in increasing your site’s foot traffic and page ranking.

buildingThis is basically what you essentially need most especially if you are a startup business online because it will help you establish your brand and gain your targeted market. With iPage hosting’s SEO services you can also check your SEO project status by the following instructions as follows:

checkLogin to your iPage hosting account.
checkGo to your admin control panel.
checkLook for marketing services.
checkThen, click on SEO services.
checkYour project listing and updated status will be displayed.

SEO Services Pricing

ipageiPage offers SEO services you can utilize for your website at $99 per month. Regular online sale is facilitated by iPage hosting and if you’re vigilant in checking you can get as much as 30% off its regular price. You may also check on discount links and promotions with any iPage partner program or registered affiliates.

notiAn iPage SEO service package fully offers monthly reporting, linking and writing web contents for your site.

Original, unique and relevant web content are made by iPage’s SEO professionals in order for your site ranking and SEO to have drastic change and increase in a few days.

Panel SettingsSEO services with iPage also include certain conditions to ensure success in increasing your sites’s page rankand SEO. The most important condition you should take note of is the iPage team’s access to all your web contents and files.

notiThis will include the use of your company logos, titles, ideas and images for SEO service purposes which can only be accessed with your approval.

Some of the SEO service supported search engines include: Google, All The Web, AOL, Excite, Hot Bot, Alta Vista, About, Looksmart, Yahoo [web pages only], MSN, Lycos, and Netscape.

SEO Details

FavoritesThere are several factors when it comes to search engine optimization. Basically, a good SEO ranking can only be achieved by having good web contents including texts, photos or videos.

Here are some of the factors you need to give attention to for good SEO rankings:

icon_search_altSite Content (Keyword Optimization)
icon_globe-2Site Title
icon_link_altWeb Links with other sites

512x512 (7)Keyword optimization contributes well in your SEO. This is the process where your web content uses specific keywords to match the words on your website exactly. This will increase your search engine visibility as well as web page rank. Your website title is dependent on the HTML source code received that is usually together with theandHTML tags.

notiYou can opt to do link building by placing hyperlinks and using keywords to attract more visitors to your site.

Going up two bars 512You can optimize links from different websites as referrals or recommendations to ultimately increase your SEO and page ranking. Link building allows your site to have as many different links telling the search engines to check out, promote, recommend or refer your site to more visitors.

notiThese are much like placing ads to a site where links are used instead of banners.