512x512 (7)Imagine losing everything on your website, everything you worked hard for; imagine all the time and money you would waste! Now, you may be wondering why I am telling you this. Well it’s because the internet is a very vast space filled with information and people.

notiNot all the information on the internet is trustworthy – this is something I’m sure you know.

128x128The same goes for people; not everybody on the internet is trustworthy. Imagine being hacked, or being given a virus, or being cyber vandalized by these online criminals and losing both the time and money you spent on your page; that wouldn’t be good now would it?

But there is no need to worry, since iPage provides Backups and Restoration services to its users.

Backup and Restoration on iPage

ipageiPage has its backup service priced at a promotional rate of twelve dollars and ninety five cents ($12.95). This is an annual price, meaning you pay for it annually. After the initial year of buying the backup service, you go back to paying the regular backup service price of sixteen dollars and ninety five cents ($16.95) each year.

Backup Service Features

The rate may seem a little pricy, but it actually is relatively low given the functions it can do for your website. Listed below are important features of the Backup feature you should know about:

transferLost files? The backup service helps you with that by providing you with automatic restoration. With the automatic restoration function, you will be able to regain all the unintentionally lost files by utilizing Site Backups and Restore tool.

checkWith the backup service you get to download all the files on your website as .zip archives. This gives you the ability to get your files at any time at all or when you really need them.

Restoring Web Content

Familiarize yourself with the two ways, namely:

cogManual backups – This type of backup gives you the ability to select the date of restoration you need to get back.

For example, you started experiencing problems on a Monday and the problems continue up until it causes a disruption on your website, what you can do with manual backups is that you can go back to Sunday, the day before you had experienced the problems, a day wherein your website was okay and doing well. This type of backup gives you the ability to go back to when everything was okay, and rewinding your website back to when it was normal.

starAutomatic backups – Automatic backups mean that iPage is doing the saving for you, meaning iPage constantly makes a backup of your files so that when the time comes when you lose files, you get to go back to when iPage had saved your files last.

This way of backing up your files is usually used more by people rather than manual backup because it makes the entire backup process faster and more convenient. This way, you don’t need to habitually manually backup your files. So whenever you experience any errors, you get to select the file from a number of dates so that you can specifically pick out the file you lost.

Does iPage Offer Good Backup

Little to no people complains about iPage’s backup because iPage tries to do its best in backing up your files.

FavoritesThere’s really nothing to it since the whole backup concept revolves around saving.Using manual backup can sometimes be a hassle since there may come a time when you lose a certain file, and realize you had not backed it up. This is where automatic backups come in useful.