512x512 (7)One significant question that both web developers and site owners share interest in is if iPage put ads on its hosted sites. The answer is YES, under these conditions: (a) You’re registered in its Free Plan; or (b) You’re registered to its Parked Domain Services.

notiBesides these two conditions, iPage hosting cannot put ads on your site.

check Free Plan Registered. You can refer to Section 3(i) of the iPage user agreement in this instance. It states that free web hosting services MAY include advertisement. This is specified and applicable to iPage or any third party vendor which includes site pop-ups and banners.

But in the case of paid sites, unwanted ads or bothersome pop-ups are not expected at all. You need to make it clear with the iPage support team which plan you’re getting to avoid confusion. For your reference, click on this link: in order to view iPage hosted sites. You can then compare it to commercially hosted sites.

downtime Parked Domain Services Registered. In the case of Parked Domain Services registered iPage hosting also reserves the right to put ads into your site (see: ) or under Section 14(d).

This is because domain parking does not utilize web services but only registers the domain to be reserved and not at all placing any content on the said domain. Again the domain is only pending until further development and future use. Whatever is earned from adsgo to iPage by using the parked pages does not involve the site owner or lessee which voids any right to compensation as per the iPage User Agreement. However, you will still have full control and discretion over your site contents.

iPage Web Hosting

ipageA leader in the web hosting industry, iPage brings over a decade of expertise to its users and web developers. It is unmatched in its quality of service and preferred because of its inconceivably low rates at $1.89 per month.

notiIn an iPage basic package you will find the essentials in developing, building and getting your website online.

Besides the abovementioned conditions where iPage can put ads on your site it also brings benefits and revenue to your business by attracting more audience. To get your site started online, check out what’s in your iPage hosting package:

icon_like_altFree domain name registration
icon_tools Free website builder
icon_lock Free Site Lock Security Suite
icon_cart Free Online Store
icon_pencil_alt Free Blog
icon_star Marketing Tools
icon_loading Unlimited bandwidth
icon_drive_alt Unlimited storage space
icon_cogs SimpleScripts installer
icon_wallet_alt Anytime money-back guarantee

Free Plans vs Paid Accounts

Panel SettingsIf you’re new to hosting or even an advance user it’s always good to check details keenly because when it comes to anything free, conditions usually apply as in the case of free plans and parked domains with iPage web hosting.

Still you can reap other benefits off the two because by iPage’s ads placed on your site, users get to click through your pages plus it’s a great way to make revenue every time. But should you prefer not to have any of such conditions then be mindful of your plan details to not end up with annoying pop-ups and unwanted ads on your site.

iMac OSXAn alternative would be the iPage paid accounts in order to keep your site free from unwanted ads and its annoying pop-ups including newsletters ads, web banners and even floating forms impeding your site visitors from quickly getting to your website.

Between free plans and paid accounts both have separate advantages but again it is under your discretion which of the two benefits your site the most.