Web Analytics and Web Analysis Tools

iMac OSXWeb content by itself isn’t enough to maintain your site and drive its foot traffic. While it leads to your website’s forthcoming success, there are still many different factors worth considering and website statistics play a big part.

pie 4 512This is a process where collection of all required data like pages viewed, HTTP errors, unique URLS and security attacks to accurately determine and evaluate your website’s log file as well as visitor count, place and period of time spent on the site.

ipageIf you’re one who is very particular with assessing, analyzing and keeping track of your site’s log file then your preference on a web host will be on one that supports web analytic tools. iPage is among the most practicable web hosting provider that levels with another essential factor both users and web developers will really appreciate — its affordability.

notiUtilizing web analytic tools for your site brings so much benefit because it provides site builders and users a better view of how things are running on their websites.

Keep in mind though that web content also carries some weight in your site’s success so always make sure that your blogs, press release or other web content to be of quality.

iPage AWstats


Going up two bars 512As previously established, website statistics play a great role for site effectiveness and site traffic. With iPage web hosting you can monitor your site efficiently because it makes use of a visitor statistics track that basically runs checks your sites.

notiIt is a tool that is responsible for tracking the necessary information on the different kinds of activities done on your site by its users or visitors.

SearchWhen iPage runs checks on your website you can access relevant details such as URLs recorded, unique IP addresses that made site requests, the number of files downloaded or requested, devices utilized, records of usernames, visits as well as the response codes, the kilobyte data sent out from the server, total number of site requests, its page views, and programs.

Other than the visitor statistics track, iPage also makes use of AWStats. This is a tool that collects necessary data to your website and then graphically generates them. You will be happy to know that the AWStats is a free web statistics generating tool that has features as follows:

checkPage views
checkBrowser views
checkWeb compression statistics
checkCluster report
checkTracks HTTP errors
checkVisits made and unique visitors
checkPeriod of time spent
checkKilobyte data sent out from the server

iPage Webalizer


web_design_512x512The iPage Webalizer is a free statistics service (analysis program) integrated in your basic iPage hosting package. With this tool you can configure your site based on the HTML format generated in detailed report. The Webalizer as a tool is reliable, fast and portable plus it consist of the following features:

checkProvides daily update
checkHas 33 languages
checkIPV4 and IPV6 is Supported
checkGeneral Public License with the computer source code (GNU)
checkCapability to process 70,000 records per second
checkCommon log file format (CLF)
checkUnlimited log size file

Does iPage Support Google Analytics

512x512 (7)Like Google, iPage also use web analytic tools to effectively monitor websites, however, it does not support Google analytics. iPage utilizes Webalizer and AWStats instead of Google analytics it basically has the same intended function mainly for marketing through detailed statistics generated based on sales and web traffic.

It’s a basic iPage service that makes this feature free which also includes social networking sites, visitor tracking from search engine and displays advertising, pay-per-click networks and email.