appleThere is hardly anybody in the world that is not hooked to Apple products and among the most popular are the iPhone and the iPad. Winning over a massive network of followers, Apple products continue to lead the market with its countless innovations.

Apple products are highly in demand and this is why iPage web hosting and many hosting providers make sure that its services are especially compatible to Apple products. Everything is electronically operated like the iPhone and iPad so it isn’t at all complicated to utilize.

iPage Compatibility

ipageiPage web hosting has over a decade of expertise that its users can use to their advantage. Regular sale is frequently offered online in the iPage home page. And if you’re vigilant in checking for promotions and discounts you can get as much as 77% off or $1.89 per month.

iPage also offers an anytime money-back guarantee which you can have activated anytime you want.

Note that a 30-day prior notice is required by informing your dedicated support team on iPage. Many web developers and users widely prefer iPage because of its many benefits as well as its compatibility with the iPhone and iPad.

checkYou can open contact information listing, check email messages and update the calendar with your iPhone and iPad.
checkYou can display web content under a different format.
checkWith iOS you can use access the website with your iPad and iPhone.
checkiPage is not operating system (OS) specific.
checkEasy email access via iPage’s mobile application.

iPage Hosting Package

FavoritesWeb developers and users highly prefer iPage over other web hosting providers in the market today because of its unmatched hosting service and affordable rates. You will receive the following with every basic iPage hosting package:

icon_wallet_altAnytime money-back guarantee
icon_lockFree SiteLock security suite
icon_cartFree online store and marketing tools
icon_pencil_altFree script library and blog
icon_globe-2Free domain registration (for the first year)
icon_loadingUnlimited storage space and bandwidth
icon_flowchart_altUnlimited MySQL databases
icon_mailUnlimited email accounts
icon_toolsSite builder
icon_cogsSimpleScripts applications installer

iPhone and iPad on iPage Hosting

iMac OSXWith iPage hosting you can use various operating systems, you can, if you need to check your email messages from your inbox, you will have access to your contact information including your calendar, iPage hosting is compatible with wifi-friendly devices, you can use your Apple products (with iOS) just like your iPad and iPhone on iPage and iPage applications are compatible to your mobile devices.

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user then you’re in for a treat because iPage web hosting offers even more service compatible to your Apple products. Just about everybody makes use of an iPad and iPhone not just for recreation but especially for business transactions.

By configuring your iPhone or iPad with iPage hosting you can easily access your mailbox wherever location you are. Here are the steps you can use as guidelines:

checkClick on “Settings” under your homescreen.
checkSelect Mail, Contacts and Calendar, then, click on the “Add Account” button.
checkSelect “Other” then click on the “Add Mail Account” button.
checkProvide the required information.
checkClick “Next” then, at the top of your screen choose “POP” or “IMAP”. POP provides one-way communication path (does not allow access from multiple sources) while IMAP provides two-way communication and synchronizes with your mail server.
checkProvide the required mail server details (incoming and outgoing).
checkClick on the “Next” button.
checkThis message will appear: “The certificate for “SMTP:administrator @[email protected]” may not be validated”
checkClick “Continue” and place SSL to “Off” for automatic configuration.