ipageiPage already offers domain registration free of charge, so before looking into getting additional domains, see to it you take advantage of the free domain registration. Extra domains mean well for your site. It makes logging in easier without having to open an entirely new and different account for your other domain.

Lucky for you, there are virtually no limitations to the number of domains you can own.

Unfortunately though, there are a certain feature limitations but only to some extent; an extent that may not affect the efficiency of adding extra domains instead of opening a new account.

iPage’s Free Domain Name Registration Offer

freelanceriPage offers a lot of features and services. Aside from these features and services, iPage also offers many promos to users like getting a discounted price on the first three months of iPage’s web hosting service upon sign up. Another is iPage’s free domain registration offer on your first year of sign up.

As it is seen, iPage really allows its users to settle into the web hosting industry at welcoming rates, working up from the initial discounted price to the regular user’s price.

03_256x256For the entire one year initial trial period, iPage will be in charge of shouldering all the costs that will be made in the maintenance of your domain name. Within this time frame, you should decide whether or not you will continue to use this domain name after the 1 year trial period.

If you decide to continue using that domain, you will then be charged with the according fees. If you decide otherwise, no charges will be made.

buildingIf the domain you are using is for your business or something rather commercial, it would be best if you keep the domain you are using and pay the fees that follow especially if that domain has been known or affiliated to your site by visitors or customers.

But of course, the decision will always be yours. You may opt to continue using the domain name, or just walk away from it. Whatever you may decide, you will never be at a loss since the name came free for an entire year.

More Domain Names

As it is stated above, if you decide to continue using your domain name under the trial year, and have used up the entire year, you may choose to have it renewed for you to be able to continue using it.

iMac OSXAdditional domain names are never a problem with iPage. In fact, you can have as much as you want. With this feature, you can host all the domain names you purchased under one universal account. And since all the domains are under the same account, managing, controlling, and monitoring your domain names will be easier and more convenient.

With this, you will also be able to save on additional operational expenditures since you need not maintain the numerous webhosting accounts.

How Much Do Additional Domains Cost On iPage?

FavoritesThe price of additional domains depends on what kind of Top Level Domain, which is also known as a TLD, you wish to use. To date, the cheapest Top Level Domain is the .net, which is offered by iPage at a cut-rate of only nine dollars and ninety nine cents ($9.99) per year.

You can also use some of the other offered Top Level Domains such as:

These domains are offered at a rate of fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents ($14.99) per year. If you wish to show your domains affiliated country, you can use Top Level Domains such as:

These top level domains are offered at varying prices so if you wish to check the other country affiliated domains and their rates per year, please log in to the official website.