512x512 (7)The term shopping cart is not just used in shopping centers and shopping malls but also even more commonly used online today. Exactly as would a regular shopping cart, it bears the same purpose but only this time it’s for purchases made via the internet.

You can basically use it the same way too, see something that you want to buy online and with just a few clicks on the mouse your shopping is done. These days it’s all about convenience, fast delivery and quality service.

notiAnd if you have a site online for business a shopping cart option for your users and visitors will be a wise investment.

iPage Shopping Carts

With iPage web hosting you can add a shopping cart to your site through ShopSite shopping carts as an example.

ipageThis easy-to-use software is specifically practical to small and medium sized businesses. This shopping cart does more by categorizing products, adding labels, pictures and descriptions, sorting out products, catalogs for display and process of purchase and payment.

iPage makes it easy for site builders and online businesses to install applications with its one-click installer called SimpleScripts.

notiYou don’t even have to pay extra for it because this application is included in your iPage hosting package.

512x512 (8)It is the perfect tool to in installations for various scripts and applications just like shopping carts that many use for online shopping. iPage web hosting offers the following shopping cart options such as: ShopSite, ZenCart, OSCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento.

cartShopping carts usually make two parts: one (1) is the storefront and two (2) is the administration area. The storefront is where you can view the products or where it is displayed while the administration area if for authorized personnel only which is quite similar to how a regular shopping cart works.

FavoritesiPage web hosting offers a variety of shopping carts that is essential to your businesses, whether it’s a start up or already existing online. Whichever shopping carts you choose for your site is your option but you have to take note how it will benefit you.

notiChoose the ones that are user-friendly, efficient and free for your use.

Panel SettingsThis way you would save on cost while maintaining quality service for your users and site visitors. The following benefits will be available to you and your business should you prefer to utilize the ShopSite Shopping Cart as follows:

icon_profileProvides automatic customer receipts
icon_bagShipping and handling options are flexible
icon_percent_altUtilizes a calculator for tax by zip/postal code
icon_check_altCan display up to 15 products (covering 5 pages)
icon_cartIncludes a Store setup wizard
icon_starIncludes a variety of themes
icon_shield_altSecure order management
icon_globe-2Compatible to Global Web editing software
icon_currency_altProvides a dual currency support
icon_mailEmail marketing (Opt-in)

Installing your iPage Shopping Carts

With the iPage applications installer called SimpleScripts you can easily set up your shopping carts. Just refer to these steps to get it done:

checkGo to your iPage hosting account under admin control panel.


checkGo to the “Scripting and Add-ons” menu.


checkClick on the “Continue to SimpleScripts” button (message of “iPage no longer uses InstallCentral” will be reflected).


checkA list of all available applications for installation will appear, choose the E-Commerce category and select your shopping cart of choice. (ShopSite, OSCommerce, ZenCart, OpenCart or Magento).


checkClick on the “Install” button.


checkEnter information required and continue with the instructions given to complete the installation. Installation process will vary depending on the application chosen.

You can now look forward to establishing your business online and bring more to your site!