E-Commerce Defined

iMac OSXE-commerce or Electronic commerce is defined as a kind of industry where electronic systems like the Internet or computer networks are utilized in purchasing and selling products and service.

buildingToday, many businesses prefer e-commerce because of its broader reach to target market through the following means such as EFT, supply chain management, internet marketing, mobile commerce, inventory management systems (IMS), online transactions, electronic data interchange (or EDI) and automated collection systems.

Often referred to as the sales aspect when it comes to e-business, electronic commerce is an effective and efficient tool used in communicating within an organization in terms of conducting business especially ones done online.

E-commerce on iPage

Going up green 512Online sales is among the most efficient and effective ways of reaching a broader target market and this is why iPage offers all kinds of tools and services useful to selling your products on your site. More importantly you need to have proper knowledge of what options are available for your use.

moneyThe Ability to Accept Payments. Being part of a technological age receiving payments online is among the widely used and most efficient.

There are many different options you can take on when making payments over the internet such as: Phone order, credit cards, PayPal, gift cards, checks and many more to seamlessly integrate to your online shopping carts. You have the option with iPage to charge per transaction or opt for a monthly charge for several amounts of transactions.

cartShopping Cart Software. iPage web hosting has shopping cart options for its users like ShopSite, ZenCart, OSCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento.

Shopping cart software allows you to make use of an online or virtual shopping cart when choosing your products over the web and once done shopping users can pay for via a credit card or PayPal. Shopping carts usually consists of two parts: first is the storefront and second is the administration area. The storefront is where the products are displayed for sale while the administration area is like the “authorized personnel only” restriction which is similar to a regular shopping cart function.

Creating Your Online Store

cartWith your shopping cart software users can purchase multiple items over the web by placing them into their online shopping carts which later on is purchased using e-commerce tools with iPage web hosting. Here are some examples of what you can do with your shopping cart online:

checkYou can add or create an online store on your existing site (Separate web page)
checkProvide the option of purchase buttons to your site’s products listing
checkAn integrated store can be created to your website

Shopping Cart with iPage

These are the available options for you as a site builder or site owner to boost your online sales via the iPage e-commerce tools. You may refer to ( or the listed details as a guide to your shopping cart software as follows:

cogConfigure the E-commerce Widget. In the drag and drop site builder integrated in your iPage basic package has the option for an e-commerce widget required to build your online store.

checkIntegrate ShopSite. You need to integrate ShopSite software to your drag and drop site in order to add the option “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” to any of your sites. This will include the Drag and Drop Site Builder, Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress.

laptopCreate an Online Store. In creating your online store you can have it two (2) ways, (1) Link to the store from your existing site and (2) Build your entire website as a stand alone store through ShopSite.