Explaining Directory Listing

Think of directory listing as being put in the yellow pages, but in this case for website URLs. Here are some frequently asked questions by many users and the answers to these questions:

Who sends my URL to online directories?

  • The user’s web host is the one who submits or sends your website’s URL to directories.

What are directories?

  • Directories collect URLs from website owners, this way you can easily track down website’s you’re looking for.

Who are these directories?

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo are a few examples of directories that collect website URLs.

What do these directories do with the URLs they collect?

  • These directories categorize all the URLs collected and base their categorical positions on the URL’s web hosting provider and will then be further categorized based on website content.

Why do they need to categorize the website URLs?

  • Doing this will make the task of cataloguing and displaying the website URLs in search results.

What’s the point of doing directory listing?

  • It makes looking for your website much easier. By simply typing a few keywords or tags, one could already locate certain websites.

Do I get directory listing on iPage?

  • Yes, directory listing is available on iPage.

iPage and Directory Listing

512x512 (7)Now that we’ve made clear the questions you probably have been wondering about, let’s move on to whether or not it’s advisable to get directory listing. Will it be worth your money? Will it be worth your time? Yes, it will. Many users advise getting directory listing because this helps a lot in garnering views and visitors on and for your website.

ipageSo if you’re conscious about your view count and visitor accumulation, why not buy iPage’s service? Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t come free. But don’t be taken aback by this, no reputable webhost offers this service free at all. This is because this services acts like an ad for your website, which is a service that rarely, if not never, comes free.

notiBut don’t worry, being put on prime spots in search engines gives you an edge, it gives your site credibility.

iPage Services

SearchDirectory listing is an add-on, which means that you can choose to have it in your package or not, but for a price. But whether or not a webhost boasts tons of useful add-ons if the web hosting service isn’t top notch, then what’s the use of having add-ons?

Listed below are some features you should know about iPage:

icon_uploadAverage uptime percentage of 99.96%
icon_shield_altTop of the line security against malware
icon_toolsFree website builder software application usage (Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder Application)
icon_loadingBandwidth at unlimited levels
icon_globe-2Unlimited hosting
icon_like_altOne year free on your website domain
eye2Domain Privacy
icon_profileTechnical and Customer Support available 24 hours, 7 days a week
icon_wallet_altHas a money-back guarantee

Directory Listing Advantages

If you’re still not convinced that directory listing is something you and your site will benefit from a lot, here are a few more things you should know about it:

linkThis feature has the ability to form back link on the website for website power. By power I mean that more traffic will be generated. When more traffic is generated, what will follow is an obvious increase in the position, ranking, and spot of your website on search engine results.

seoWith a better search engine position and with your site being back linked, it will become considerably easier to find which would then lead to more website visitors.

starSEI or Search Engine Indexing will steadily pump up the number of website visits and increase your website’s visibility. These would then lead to getting better positions in search results.