Things To Know About Domain Privacy

Below are a few things you should know about Domain Privacy:

laptopRemember when you first signed up for iPage and you had to provide iPage with your personal information such as your name, you email address, et cetera? Well after having provided your web host with this information, the information will be sent and listed on WHOIS.

semOn WHOIS, all the information you have typed in will be shown. This means that anybody with an internet connection may access your information at any time.

seoNow you may ask, what’s WHOIS? Well, WHOIS is like the yellow pages but instead for the cyber world. It acts as a directory for all domains and all domain owners.

mailWhy is this done? This is to make you and your site both accessible and contactable. This way, you will be of reach at any time.

starWHOIS is useful, there is no denying that. But it can also be dangerous.

These are a few things you should know about Domain Privacy, notice how WHOIS plays a major role in this process.

Information Safety

PadlockBy now you must be thinking: “When my name, email address, billing address, and other information are posted on WHOIS, doesn’t this make me vulnerable to online criminals?” Yes, it does. If you’re wondering whether even your credit card information will be posted, it will not.

Unfortunately the web hosting industry has no available services to provide security and protection from online criminals who wish to use your personal information. These online criminals can:

checkSteal your information for malicious use
checkUse your personal information and impersonate you
checkE-mail you with threats and other likely online pranks

Where Domain Privacy Comes In

How Domain Privacy works:

eye2Your information will be listed on WHOIS and will be accessible by users.

icon_like_altOnce you avail of the domain privacy service from iPage, you will gain the ability to choose who you want to give your information too.

icon_chatIt works like this: iPage will get the message from the user, and iPage will then relay the message to you.

icon_check_altThis way, you get to choose who gets access to your valuable personal information.

shield_512This service is bought by many users who value their privacy. Another reason of as to why many users have taken the service as an add-on to their plan is because they probably experienced being harassed by online criminals.

So if you’re all for privacy, well so is iPage; if you wish to have the ability to whom you share you information too, you may want to consider adding the domain privacy service as an add on. iPage will not be reading the message that has been sent to you, it will only relay the message.

Domain Privacy Pricing

What you need to know about iPage’s domain privacy service:

checkiPage has it’s domain privacy service valued at eight dollars and ninety nine cents ($8.99). It’s as if you pay a rate of seventy five cents a month ($0.75).
checkThis fee is known to be significantly cheaper than domain privacy fees asked by other web hosts and/or domain privacy service providers.
checkIt is common among other domain privacy service providers to have their domain privacy service valued at a minimum of two dollars and eighty eight cents ($2.88) to ten dollars ($10) every month.
checkIf you’re already signed up with iPage, you may still buy this service as an add-on to your plan.

512x512 (7)Remember though, if you’re running a commercial website, being accessible to the public may not be as bad as it seems. Yes, there is a chance of being harassed or pranked by some people, but making your information available also gives your site the chance to openly communicate with visitors.