512x512 (7)First and foremost, let us define what FTP stands for and what it is used for. FTP, also known as File Transfer Protocol is used for the transferring of files from a certain server to another. File Transfer Protocol is used widely by website owners because it is crucially important in managing a website.

One example of File Transfer Protocol is when you transfer certain files possibly from your computer, external hard drive, or what have you onto your website.

FTP Terminologies

arrow_up-down_altFTP – File Transfer Protocol; as mentioned above, it is the transferring of a certain file from a computer onto the website.

icon_profileFTP Users – To be able to open directories in your website, you will have to sign in your login information. FTP usernames vary from server to server.

Configuring Your FTP Settings

Listed below are steps on how you will be able to configure your FTP settings using FileZilla:

checkOn the FTP management page, there you will see the complete settings required for FTP. Login will be done on this page. (i.e. Username and Host Name)
checkEnter both your name and your password, and key in the information taken from the management page to the host; this is done by using FileZilla.
checkDisable or enable your firewall’s passive mode if you are using one.
checkTap on Quickconnect.
checkOnce you have connected, you will now be able to upload files saved on your computer onto your website. Remember: there are two file columns, the left file column being the column of your computer and the right, your website. Simply drag and drop the files from its save point and onto where you want it to be seen.

Creating New Users

checkLike when configuring your settings, you will also have to login on the FTP management page to be able to create new users. On this page, you will find both the account details and the FTP users.
checkAfter logging in, proceed to Create New FTP Account and key in the username of your choice.
checkThere you will see empty fields in which you are asked to provide your password, key the latter onto those fields.
checkIf you only wish for the brand new user to have limited access for example access to opening just a certain folder, key in the directory name. If you want to give them full access, leave the field blank.
checkSelect Create FTP User. After doing so, the new user can now be seen or will now be under the accounts table listing.

Why You Need FTP

Here are a few reasons why FTP is something crucial to the management of your website:

With FTP you can:

icon_desktopTransfer locally saved files from your desktop, laptop, or ultra-book to the webhost.

icon_documentsTransfer files saved on backup servers to the webhost.

icon_uploadUpload files, folders, and groups of files without having to individually upload them.

UploadThese are just a few reasons why File Transfer Protocol is a very important aspect in the web hosting industry. Without FTP website owners everywhere would have a hard time sharing information on the World Wide Web and people would find it hard to input certain information on their website.

notiWith FTP, putting up information on your website makes the process easy, fast, and convenient.

Uploading through FTP

To upload via FTP, follow the steps provided:

icon_lightbulbObtain the File Transfer Protocol login information.

icon_cursorWhen you have gotten the login information, direct yourself to the File Manager sector.

icon_check_altYou will be asked to key in the credentials on the empty fields provided.