512x512 (7)Every time you click on an URL, go to a website and enter your username and password over the internet all your information is prone to many different elements that just might put your privacy at risk. WHOIS (who is) is a response and query protocol utilized widely for database querying purposes for gaining information about domains and its owners.

The databases being queried usually contain and store information such as:

checkThe registrant’s name
checkDomain name
checkPhone number
checkAn IP address block
checkMailing address
checkAn autonomous system
checkEmail address

icannThis directory query protocol however has raised privacy concerns to many domain owners or customers because of the fact that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) necessitates that information including the registrant’s name, domain name, phone number, an IP address block, mailing address, or an autonomous system as well as email address to be available to the public.

notiIt basically means anyone can access WHOIS easily by anybody who makes a query through this database query system.

128x128However, it doesn’t mean that precautionary measures are not taken. Some WHOIS queries utilize rate-limiting systems with a challenge response test called CAPTCHA or Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

notiThis is specifically to deter spammers from harvesting email addresses (plain text) from the WHOIS query protocol.

Domain Privacy

shield_512iPage web hosting offers Domain Privacy as an add-on feature to its basic hosting packages and this will restrict spammers, online attackers, direct marketers and identity thieves from accessing private information from your site. Instead it will reflect iPage or your registrar’s information and not the domain owner’s information.

With the iPage Domain Privacy add-on users and domain owners can activate it easily by going to your Domain Central as further privacy protection for your website and its private information.

notiAs an extra service it will incur a fee of $9.99 per year while it includes the following TLDs you may utilize: .net, .biz, .org, .name, .info, .com, .tv and .cc.

iPage Add-ons

ipageiPage web hosting has over a decade of experience in the web hosting industry which offers more expertise in its service and products. This is widely preferred by users and web developers alike because of its unmatched quality as well as its affordable rates starting at $1.00 per month.

notiYou may check online for updates on promotions and discounts on its web hosting packages and many more.

freelancerBesides the inclusions in its basic hosting package like anytime money-back guarantee, free domain registration (for the first year), free SiteLock security suite, free point and click site builder, free online store, free script library, free blog, unlimited storage space, unlimited domains and unlimited data transfer.

Other add-on services as listed below are also open for activation.

transferAutomatic Site Backup and Recovery. The add-on feature called Automatic Site Backup and Recovery will significantly improve your site database. This also includes the files and settings as well as a regular backup maintenance and checking service.

seoDirectory Listing and SEO Services. The add-on feature called Directory Listing and SEO Services is an extra feature which will help boost your foot traffic and page ranking of your website. This is the best way to attract more visitors to your site and become searchable in top search engines like Yahoo! And Google.

starPremium SSL certificates. The add-on feature called Premium SSL Certificates is an added security measure you can activate with your iPage hosting package. This is another means in protecting your domain and its private information from being exposed and harvested by spammers over the internet.