Taking the First Step

ipageWhat’s the first step when signing up on iPage? It’s reading the features and policies carefully. Scan through iPage’s features and assess whether or not iPage will be right for you. But surely, with the tons of features such as Weebly, Rate Discounts, Responsive Customer Care Team, the One Year Free Domain, and many others will suit your web hosting needs best.

To stress out how important it is to read iPage’s policies will take a while.

But to further convince you of the importance of the reading of these policies, here are a few things all registrants should know:

icon_currency_altThe price of the web hosting plan in the start of the package is different from when it is renewed.
icon_hourglassAsking for refunds take time, so be patient and be thankful. Why? Because refunds are somewhat exclusive to iPage as it is not common among webhosts. You should be happy they offer it in the first place.
icon_search_altRead the features. Make sure you really get to know iPage and what it can offer you.
icon_check_altThe Terms and Conditions are usually ignored, but if you wish to really make most of iPage’s web hosting services, it would best be advised you read it.

Onward to Step Two

iMac OSXOnce you have made sure that iPage is the right choice for you and their services and rates suit you best, then it’s probably time you signed up. To sign up, click on or tap the “Sign Up” button. Once it is clicked, the first thing that will be asked from you is for you to enter your domain.

Whether you have a domain or not this field must not be left blank.

512x512 (7)If you already have an existing domain, enter that onto where it is being asked. If you don’t have a domain and wish to obtain one from iPage, then key in the domain of your choice. You will be notified whether the domain you have chosen is available or not, if it is not available, you will be asked to enter something else.


Proceeding to the Third Step

Panel SettingsWhen you have finished entering your existing domain or a new domain of your choice, the next thing in line is entering your billing information. Make sure that when you enter your billing information that everything is correct. Do not worry about confidentiality; your information will be kept safe and sound by iPage.

shield_512Whether it be your name, your address, your email address, your billing address, or your credit card details; iPage will make sure it keeps your information secure. See to it you enter all the correct details so as to prevent any problems in the future; make sure you double check on spelling errors, numerical typos, and the like.


The Fourth and Final Step

freelancerBefore iPage asks for package payment, you will be asked what add-ons you would like to purchase or consider purchasing for a fuller, better, and more comprehensive web hosting experience. Here are a few add-ons offered by iPage that you might think you need:

checkAutomated backup; to simplify website administration (Two years’ worth) – Twelve dollars and ninety five cents($12.95) per year
checkMobile Site Builder; for those who are on-the-go – Two dollars and ninety nine cents ($2.99) per month
checkDirectory Listing – A dollar ($1) per month
checkIdentity theft; for identity protection and security – Twelve dollars and ninety five cents ($12.95) per year

These add-ons will be added to your plan and the corresponding rates will be added to your initial monthly webhosting service charge. So if you’re on a budget, try computing the price of the add-ons on top of the initial webhosting rate you will be paying so as to avoid any payment problems.