iPage Hosting

ipageIn order to get reliable web hosting service requires plenty consideration especially if you’re new to hosting. iPage hosting is a practical option and is widely preferred by web developers and users because of its affordable rates that starts at $1.89 per month.

notiWith over a decade of experience in the industry iPage has become a leader in hosting.

freelancerAs an iPage hosted site your essential package will include unlimited storage space, unlimited data transfer, host unlimited domains, good support service, outstanding reliability, marketing tools, free point and click site builder, free online store, free blog, free domain registration, free site lock security suite and free script library.

FavoritesBesides the essential features included in your hosting package iPage also provides options to its users through its add-ons. This would include an automatic site backup and recovery, domain privacy, premium SSL certificates, as well as directory listing and SEO services.

notiAnd because these are extras to your base package activation will incur fees.

You might as well take note of the freebies included to highlight your benefits such as free point and click site builder, free online store, free blog, free domain registration, free script library and free site lock security suite.

SiteLock Security Suite

Let’s further discuss a specific feature that is integrated in your iPage hosting package, the SiteLock Security. This is an exclusive and reasonable feature that serves as protection to your website from harmful threats such as:

icon_blockedHarmful traffic

sitelockSiteLock Security is software that is designed to scan and avoid spamming. This way it ensures a clean and safe environment for your site and its users. You don’t need to worry about your emails whenever your domain sends it out because with iPage SiteLock security these are not categorized as spam and are filtered correctly.

notiAs result you will not lose business but instead gain more because your intended subscribers correctly receive them in their emails.

shield_512Multiple website routine scans are performed with SiteLock Security in order to constantly check for any malware, security breaches, and other problems encountered. Having SiteLock Security attracts more individuals or users to conduct business transactions online.

notiThe reason being is that this software ensures safe transactions from any malicious codes.

SiteLock Security Configuration

Configure your iPage hosted site with SiteLock Security for free. Simply follow these guidelines.

checkLogin to your iPage hosting account.
checkClick on “SiteLock” found in your control panel.
checkTo receive your SiteLock notifications enter your email address.
checkThe SiteLock page will be displayed.
checkChoose your domain to activate SiteLock then click on “Add SiteLock to this Domain.”
checkWait for verification to complete.
checkClick on “Access SiteLock” to retrieve the code for your certificate.
checkComplete the SiteLock wizard verify information. Customization option is available (shield color, size and code type). Your SiteLock certificate code is in the last page of the wizard.
checkTo display your certificate in your site just paste the code to where you want your badge to reflect.

512x512 (7)For users to quickly verify if your iPage hosted site is protected with SiteLock Security just simply look for the “SiteLock Secure” badge on the page. And upon completing the basic multiple routine scans for any security problems, malware, and, spamming SiteLock Security will then verify your website and display the badge for a spotless environment for your site.

SiteLock Security is tightly integrated in your iPage hosting package so you don’t have to purchase it as an add-on feature like in other webhosting services because it’s free.

notiYou basically save on cost between $49 and $59 per month.