iMac OSXWith the growth of the Internet comes the birth of a new kind of business transaction that can conveniently be done from the safety of our homes. On the other hand, this also generated a new generation of online criminals- those who can exploit their knowledge to steal information and spread viruses through the internet.

shield_512For many website owners, their main problem with clients is how much security they are willing to offer. This factor doubles its importance for business websites. Each action done on a distrusted webpage could lead to all sorts of viruses and malware. Entering information could run the risk of it being abused.

notiAny crack in the system could allow hackers to exploit important data.

mastercard_512To counter this dilemma, people have created security features that would reassure customers that their website is safe. Through this clients can enter credit card information with the assurance that it would not be used without their consent.

There are many ways to get this security, from getting a dedicated server to writing protective scripts.

notiOn iPage, the easiest and most budget friendly option is their SiteLock.


sitelockWhat is SiteLock? It is a security suite created solely for the protection of your website. It mainly functions the same way that your home antivirus does: it scans the website, then cleans it of any potentially dangerous content. It doesn’t limit that protection to just you, either; visitors and customers are also safeguarded against information theft and malware.

PadlockWith SiteLock, you can rest with the knowledge that you don’t have to monitor all the parts of your webpage 24/7. You might think that you wouldn’t need security that much, but a non-secure website has too many opportunities to be hit by spam or malware. Once it is infected, you will have a harder time trying to remove the threat.

notiIt would be much safer in the long run if you add some kind of security to avoid that scenario.


Here are some of the advantages being offered by SiteLock:

moneyPrice – If you would consider the prices of good security nowadays, it would be a big hassle to pay so much for good website protection. SiteLock allows you to stay under your budget while still keeping your website secure.

upgradeCompatibility – SiteLock is optimized for any kind of website environment. No matter how many scripts or how much traffic you handle every day, SiteLock can still do its job without any problems.

unlockPrivacy – SiteLock assures the privacy of your customer’s information through scripts that protect against identity theft and fraud.

starCredibility – Your website will have the reputation of being trustworthy, since you can offer consistently honest and unhampered service.

shieldNo spam or malware – With SiteLock, you will never have to worry about spam ever again. Malicious software like viruses, Trojan horses and rootkits will never be a problem with your clients.

checkMore customers – When you get the tag of having SiteLock, potential customers can trust you more with their private information, which would lead to more business. Eventually, you will gain more loyal customers who regularly go to your website.


Once you get SiteLock, you can have unlimited use of the following features:

checkMalware scans
checkSpam monitors
checkBusiness certification
checkBlacklist monitoring
checkRegular scans

How to get SiteLock

FavoritesThe SiteLock Suite can be acquired by adding $12.95 to your annual payment. For monthly plans, you can get it for around a dollar per month. With this plan, you can get all of the benefits and features mentioned above. You also have the option of adding SQL, XSS and app scans.