Getting To Know the Webhost

If you’re looking for potential web hosts for your website and are now looking into having iPage host your site, bulleted below are a few things about iPage that may help you make that decision of yours:

icon_lightbulbiPage is known by millions of people, and is now hosting websites numbering to more than a million.
icon_hourglassiPage has been long present in the web hosting industry; to date, iPage has been serving its thousands upon thousands of customers for more than a decade.
icon_like_altWith a long and strong stance in the web hosting industry, and with thousands of users served, iPage is a well-known and trusted company.
icon_currency_altOffers relatively affordable and flexible web hosting plans for users who wish to make sure they choose the most suiting plan fit for their budget.
icon_wallet_altiPage offers discounts, a money back guarantee, and many other exclusive perks.

notiAs early as now, you should know that iPage does not offer SSH to its users.

But don’t take this as something unfortunate, because there’s always FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it’s something iPage customers use in order to upload their files directly to their website.

Choosing your Webhost

ipageNow that you know about a few of iPage’s features and offers, yet you still wish to continue on your search for the right webhost and explore your choices, listed below are a few things you should consider and use as criteria for making your choice:

starExperience, customer satisfaction, and expertise are a must. See to it your webhost knows what they’re doing because if they don’t, you, as a customer, may experience problems in the future.

cartFeatures and affordable rates are two things you should consider. Webhosting quality is one thing, but there are also other factors to consider such as fair pricing and practical features.

checkAdvantageous perks – good webhosts reach great limits, but great webhosts go past them; great webhosts should have perks, perks that will make your webhosting experience a whole lot easier and more efficient.

Learn More About SSH

PadlockFor those of you who are not aware of what SSH stands for, it is an abbreviation for secure shell. Now you may ask what is SSH or a secure shell? A secure shell is a private and undisclosed manner of communicating, from a peripheral location, with your computer.

Imagine SSH as a locker, a safety box, or a vault; wherein only a special key or code will be able to open it.

To clarify the matter, please be aware that SSH doesn’t act as log in point; multiple usernames and/or passwords are not used by SSH. In SSH, there will be only one sole password, and so whoever knows this password may access the server.

The Need for SSH – Is it that important?

512x512 (7)Yes and no, would be the answer to this question. This is because there are people who find this feature important, and there are also many who think it is useless since you can use File Transfer Protocol. Here are some good reasons why some people find the need to have SSH:

checkBecause it gives you the ability to pass on access to the server to different people.
checkIt gives you exclusivity in your server.
checkYou get to keep the server private, but also be able to share access to the server.
checkAll you have to do is remember the access key, no usernames and passwords are needed.
checkSSH gives you remote access to server. This means that you will not find tinkering with your server a must.
checkIt removes the danger of having any unauthorized access to the server, which means you get good protection from hackers.