ipageiPage offers a proprietary technology that is very useful to users and web developers because it can be utilized as a tool to manage your website. When running a business online you will need to take care of many things to ensure a smooth and profitable operation.

notiiPage provides you access to this control panel called vDeck control panel as a means for you to manage your site efficiently.

512x512 (7)This is basically an updated version of the previous control panel used called cPanel. The vDeck control panel is not via a third-party vendor but a proprietary technology by iPage. And because of this iPage users are at an advantage in receiving highly customized and intuitive user experience provided by iPage engineers and designers.

iPage Marketing Service

FavoritesThe Marketing service is a feature in your iPage vDeck control panel that serves a very important role. You can generate more profit, improve SEO and page rank for your website through this specific vDeck control panel feature.

The online community is a vast pool of target market for any kind of business done online and having control over your site with useful features like the vDeck control panel makes it easy to manage.

notiThere are three (3) things you should be keen on with the iPage marketing services.

These serve as a solid driving force behind your website’s success.

mailE-mail marketing. Marketing tools used for this is EmailBrain (monitors newsletters and emails that have been created, handled, sent) and constant contact tool (email announcements, newsletters and promotions) while E-mail marketing brings in improved foot traffic on your site.

semSearch engine marketing. This is another practical tool that comes with your iPage marketing service as it provides top search engine listings like SubmitNet, WebSite Grader, Yahoo! Google AdWords and ServiceCentral.

You can increase your SEO and page rank by submitting your site to these search engines including Sponsored Search Credits, Simply Local Search and Free Online Advertising with!.

seoSearch engine optimization (SEO). The best way to establish reputation online as well as branding you must utilize Search engine optimization or SEO.

You will have farther reach to your online clients through this tool and you don’t need to look to third party vendors because iPage already has a team of SEO professionals dedicated to making your site searchable over the web.

iPage vDeck Control Panel

512x512 (8)From the previous control panel called cPanel , iPage launched an updated version called vDeck control panel. This is an iPage proprietary technology developed for efficient management of websites. And because of this update by iPage its users are at an advantage in receiving highly customized and intuitive user experience provided by iPage engineers and designers.

notiEvery option in your iPage vDeck control panel is saves time and maintains efficiency because it is arranged by category.

It is a user-friendly feature that does not require a webmaster at all. Your vDeck control panel include the following functions important in managing your website as follows:

icon_documentsManaging your domain names
icon_flowchart_altCreate MySQL database
icon_lockInstall SSL certificates
icon_cogsInstall applications
icon_loadingFTP client access
icon_mailCreating or managing email accounts
icon_toolsWebsite builder access

Your vDeck Sidebar

Panel SettingsTo easily manage your website use your iPage vDeck control panel displays also called your vDeck Sidebar. This consists of essential details about your account including the frequently used applications which gives a great deal of help by simply having it ready for retrieval instead of looking through a different page.

It’s not at all difficult to find them because they are obvious widgets on your vDeck Sidebar.

notiThese widgets too can be customized according to your preference.