Innovating web design: Website Builders

programming_512x512Do you know how when you try and use HTML and CSS to design your website, and at some point everything just doesn’t go right because of wrong coding? If you do know or have experienced this, then you would surely find website builders as a great tool.

For those of you who haven’t experienced HTML and CSS malfunctions, and don’t plan on experiencing this anytime soon, then website builders should also do you well.

notiWebsite builders are software applications that involve the dragging and dropping of certain design elements such as.


512x512 (12)Where do you drag and drop these elements? Why directly on your website, of course! Using HTML and CSS are entirely different from using website builders. HTML and CSS involve coding whereas website builders use a drag and drop method.

Though the former use a different method from the latter, they both share the same main agenda and that is to design websites.

Going back to the matter, website builders were targeted for amateurs which is why it is so easy and convenient to use compared to HTML and CSS.

Using Website Builders

There are two major steps to follow when using a website builder program, these are:

checkPicking out the best suiting template – Whether you’re putting up a personal blog, a gardening blog, a business website, or what have you, make sure you select a template that goes well with the information you post.

This way, you gain credibility from your site’s visitors. You don’t have to worry about available templates since there are many templates that have already been premade and have been made available for immediate use.

cogInserting elements for a fuller website experience – Now that you’ve selected a suiting template, the next thing to take care of is adding elements onto the page so as to have some sort of virtual interaction with your visitors.

Insert buttons, textboxes, other elements and media onto your website so as to add a more intuitive vibe. It’s as simple as dragging an element and dropping it anywhere onto your site.

Why Website Builders?

web_design_512x512As it is stated above, and it is obviously seen, website builders make website design a whole lot easier. Sure, CSS and HTML are more customizable but then you’d have to go through a long learning process because website design through these means is not an easy task and not many people have the time to learn all of this.

This is where website builders come in, they do the job and they do it fast.

Website builders are not only popular among amateur website designers, but are also famous among professionals because of its efficiency, convenience, and ease of use.

iPage and the Weebly Drag and Drop Website Builder

512x512 (8)From initial webhosting discounts, to its provision of useful website tools such as the website builder, iPage really takes into account customer satisfaction and user capacity. iPage uses the Weebly Drag and Drop Website Builder, a well-known and well-reputed website builder application rented by iPage from Weebly, a fellow webhost.

weeblyThe Weebly Drag and Drop Website Builder is not solely and exclusively used by iPage, many other web hosts also rent it from Weebly because of its efficiency and top of the line quality. This program is powerful, utilitarian, and is used by millions of website owners worldwide in the creation and design of their websites.

If words are not enough for you to decide or believe on whether or not Weebly really does make good website designs, feel free to visit and check Weebly’s official website for samples.

There are many premade templates on Weebly’s page that have been displayed for viewing.