120Today, Green technology is everywhere you look. Every purchase you make either of a computer, gadget and many more, it always boasts of having Green Technology. What is Green technology anyway? iPage web hosting joins this advocacy by running its energy on 100% wind energy.

With Green technology, iPage can reduce harmful greenhouse gas effects that have become more evident, especially in running huge servers.

emblemBy having the iPage Green badge it certifies that your site is using Green technology which effects the environment by means of saving and protecting it. Its impact goes a long way really because it is equivalent to two hundred forty four acres of trees and this kind of advocacy is passed on to iPage hosted sites by being a Green certificate holder.

Eco-friendly products and services purchases are encouraged in order to reduce environmental burdens while consumers, users, web developers alike support such selfless act.


Green Technology

As a web host iPage platform serves over 1,000,000 websites this is why the use of web servers is very much essential to its service delivery.

Web DatabaseWeb hosting relies on these huge servers to get everything up and running and web hosting will not be possible without them. With such advance technology the environment at times suffer the effects as gigantic resources such as server containers and cooling systems are necessary for the maintenance of the servers which unfortunately contribute to the emissions of green house gases.

In order to reduce this negative effect to the environment Green technology was developed and it creates a broader environmental awareness to the web hosting industry as well as its consumers.

512x512 (7)And with such awareness conveyed to a massive network of users and web developers together with web hosts, the necessary actions to address harmful effects of web hosting servers to the environment are taken seriously.

notiThe entire web hosting industry including iPage web hosting has joined the ranks of environmental organizations namely Scorecard or Green Peace in its advocacy.


iPage Hosting Provider

ipageiPage offers over a decade of expertise to the web hosting industry and its users. It is widely preferred by web developers as well as its users because it offers affordable services along with its unmatched quality in service. You can get your site online right away and with rates that are inconceivably low starting at $1.89 per month.

notiAnd if you’re vigilant in checking its main page: you can be part of its regular online sale including discount coupons.

Essentially these are what you will benefit from in an iPage hosting package:

icon_loadingUnlimited bandwidth
icon_drive_altUnlimited storage space
icon_mailUnlimited email accounts
icon_flowchart_altUnlimited MySQL databases
icon_adjust-vertA vDeck control panel
icon_like_altA free domain name (for the first year)
icon_starA free advertising credits
icon_cogsSimpleScripts installer
icon_wallet_altAnytime money-back guarantee


iPage Green Badge

FavoritesRenewable energy like the 100% wind energy source iPage uses a safe source of energy. As a web developer and user of iPage products and service you too can contribute with Green technology through renewable energy certificates (REC).

It offsets 200% energy that servers use and it allows you to benefit from:

checkiPage Green Badge and Green Certicficate for your site
checkYour business can utilize Green marketing campaign
checkYour site runs safely on 100% wind energy used

notiiPage hosted sites are on Green technology and to check if your site is certified you only need to look for the iPage Green Badge.

For further confirmation you can click on this direct link: or simply go to the iPage home page.