vbulletinvBullettin was developed in 2000 as an internet forum application that runs on MySQL database server and uses PHP. Developed by vBulletin Solutions in partnership with Jelsoft Enterprises the vBulletin internet forum application has proved to be a success as it garnered a massive network of followers.

notiThe latest versions of vBulletin have undergone numerous tests prior to its release so stability and reliability is expected.

programming_512x512Your iPage package includes a one-click installer, the SimpleScripts application which allows users to easily install the vBulletin forum on their site. By using a range of functions vBulletin can be easily managed while keeping your forum free from spammers and unwanted posts.

As a forum platform vBulletin was made proprietary and separately purchase of it is very expensive ranging between $250 and $350 for a regular vBulletin package inclusive of forum and ticket support.

Web Hosting with iPage

iPage is a leader in web hosting bringing with it over a decade of experience and expertise in serving platforms for over a million websites.

ipageAmong the many different web hosts in the market today, iPage takes top spot garnering high rating from web hosting review sites and preference because of its inconceivably low rates starting at $1.89 per month with quality that is unmatched.

An iPage web hosting package includes unlimited storage space, unlimited emai, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited bandwidth, vDeck control panel, SimpleScripts installer, a free SiteLock Security Suite, a free Blog, a free domain name registration (for the first year), free advertising credits, offers anytime money-back guarantee (for the remainder current of payment term) and various add-on services.

SimpleScripts: Your One-click installer

512x512 (7)iPage hosting offers vBulletin which can be installed automatically thanks to its one-click installer SimpleScripts application. Besides utilizing vBulletin for your forums you may also opt for other forums like bbPress, PunBB, SimpleMachines, phpBB, and Vanilla forums.

notiBy installing vBulletin your site visitors can begin creating their own forum accounts and enjoy your new site forum.

512x512 (8)Take note that spammers can flood your forum and in order to avoid them make sure that your forum settings are correctly configured. You also need to ensure that your site forum is frequently managed to avoid a server crash that could really hurt your forum and its posts.

For your site to be safe and secure make it a habit to regularly create backups of your site including published posts or created posts in your forum. You may refer to the below guide in installing your vBulletin Forum on your iPage hosted site:

checkStart by logging onto your iPage hosting account.
checkClick on the SimpleScripts icon and open it from your admin control panel.
checkScroll down then select the “Forum” header.
checkLook for the vBulletin icon then double-click on it.
checkGo to the next page. Enter your Installation Preferences then select the vBulletin version you wish to install including your website URL where you want it installed.
checkClick on the “Complete” button and then wait for the installation to end.

7 Tips For Running vBulletin Forums On iPage

shield_512vBulletin site forum is managed easily still you need to consider the following guidelines to ensure a safe and secure forum on your iPage hosted site. You can continually improve your forum with these as well as avoid server crash, spammers, and unwanted posts in your site forum.

checkUse vBulletin version 3.7 or higher
checkKeep forum registrations to a minimum
checkRegularly revise registration questions
checkInclude email verification (registration process)
checkHave an anti-spam service added
checkFrequently monitor your forum
checkRegularly create backups of your site