How to transfer your website from Fatcow to iPage

Button-Refresh-iconHaving a website is for the good of a business, for the improvement of their reputation, to speard knowledge of their existence, to let their products reach as far as they can go. If running a website doesn’t go as smoothly as a user may like, they should always have the option to be able to transfer to a different host.

Transfering from Fatcow to iPage

Before making the transition from FatCow to iPage, there are a few things you need to know first.

  • If your domain comes close to 10 days short of its expiration date, contacting the 24/7 service center for advice on what to do would be ideal as this may cause processing complications which may lead to incidences involving your domain.
  • While a domain has been put through the transfer process. Things such as Whois information and nameservers will not be accessible and changeable to the user. Make sure these are altered before the transfer process begins.

Unlocking your domain

This is a feature by web hosts that prevents the occurrence of any hackers or attempted unofficial transfers.

  • Log in to cPanel
    screenshot 1 login to cpanel
  • Look for ‘Domain Central’
    screenshot 2 look for domain central
  • Choose which domain you want to unlock.
  • Select the ‘Security’ option.
  • Select ‘Unlock Domain’.
  • Underneath this option will also be an option for domain privacy.
  • Click on ‘disable domain privacy’.

Changing contact information

Checking and possibly changing your contact information is important as this will be how the transfer authorization code will be sent, and how you will be contacted by FatCow should there be a need to.

  • Log in to cPanel
    screenshot 1 login to cpanel
  • Look for ‘Domain Central’
    screenshot 2 look for domain central
  • Chose which domains information you need to change.
  • Select the ‘Contact’ option.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Select ‘Save’.
  • Refresh your page to see whether all the changes have been implemented.

Transfer Process:

  • Log in to cPanel
    screenshot 1 login to cpanel
  • Look for ‘Domain Central’
    screenshot 2 look for domain central
  • Choose which domain you want to move. Click on the ‘transfer’ option. A checklist will appear which will include unlocking the domain, domain privacy, and primary e-mail address. Only if all sections of this checklist are approved can you go ahead with domain transferring.
  • Select ‘Auth-Info Code’. This is the code which you will need to input into your new web hosts registration page in order to keep your domain. The code will be sent to e-mail address provided.
    screenshot 3 transfer login checklist
  • To proceed with your domain transfer, contact your new web host and continue with them.

Moneyback Guatantee

money back guaranteeFatCow has a Money Back Guarantee Policy that ensures you get all your money back should you choose to transfer or cancel a plan within 30 days of beginning with them. Any time after 30 days, fatCow will refund you the full amount of your plan minus the months you have spent there.

Domain registration and add-on’s will be non-refundable.

Transferring your domain to iPage


On the iPagehomescreen, click on the option to ‘Add Existing domain’. You will be linked to a page which will ask for your domain name and transfer authorization code. Input the necessary information the click ‘transfer’. iPage does not support automatic site transfer.

ftp iconYou will need to do this by manually downloading your files onto an FTP client, then uploading them onto your server. The first step in this process is installing an FTP client, some compatible with iPage include: LeapFTP, WS FTP, FTP Vogayer, CuteFTP, and Flash FTP. Though iPage mostly recommends FileZilla.

Installing Filezilla

  • Open FileZilla on your computer
  • Fill in requested information: Host, Username, Password, and Port.
  • Select ‘Quickconnect’
  • ‘Directory listing successful’ will be displayed when connection is complete.