iPage Web Hosting Provider

ipageA leader in the web hosting industry, iPage as a web hosting provider has gathered relevant experience and a multitude of followers in over a decade of providing quality service. Widely used by web developers and users because of its affordable cost and excellent service delivery.

notiThese are essential to web hosting and iPage is fully aware of this fact so they ensure to maintain its focus is your business and your needs.

iPage value feedback from its users and believes that it is significant in how its support team responds to each concern raised and how flexible but straightforward the approach on resolutions are made.

Things to Look for in a Web Host

128x128As a web hosting provider, iPage hosting ensures that noteworthy assistance and support is given to individuals and organizations alike who want to get their business online. iPage web hosting plans are most especially useful to those new to hosting because of its user-friendly features and affordability.

notiBut this is only some of the many things you need to know and consider when choosing your web hosting provider.

freelancerYou also need to further look into the other essentials to get in a hosting package such as site building and design tools, installation of blog and photo gallery, advertising credits and marketing tools, managing email accounts, and support that can accommodate your inquiries and needs 24×7.

notiIf you view iPage web hosting’s support team setup you will find three contact points like via chat, by phone and via email.

Having the right and relevant information before signing up with any web hosting provider makes a huge difference, so make sure to always check things out.

iPage Hosted Websites

buildingWith platform serving over a million websites, iPage is continuously growing multitudes of followers everyday. iPage hosted website accommodates a variety of users operating from individual or personal sites to corporate or business sites.

notiAnd iPage is targeting a broader range for its users and maintaining its quality, support and inconceivably low rates.

512x512 (7)It doesn’t end there you can also get promotions and discounts through the iPage partner programs, affiliates and referrals or even become one to receive credits and profits. You only need to be on your guard when browsing ipage/index.html for its frequent online sale.

To view iPage-hosted sites for your reference, below are some websites that reflects iPage web hosting in its various web contents as well as designs:

iPage Community Directory for your Website

iMac OSXGetting your website online is just the first step to take in this virtual demand for businesses or otherwise. While you are able to create your website easily with iPage it does not necessarily mean that your site is automatically featured in its community directory.

notiThis is significant to the second part of the process – online exposure.

512x512 (3)Your site needs to establish a favorable reputation online and the best way to get this is through advertising. iPage offers a community directory where your site can be included in this elite listing which will greatly help in introducing your business to thousands if not more.

notiThis is an add-on feature you can activate for only $29.95 per year on your iPage hosted site.

bookmark_512Now, compared to prominent websites like Google and Yahoo!, you will find that the iPage community directory is far cheaper and within budget especially if you’re site is just starting out. Simply click on this direct link: to activate the iPage community directory or follow these simple steps:

checkLook for the “Join the iPage Directory” panel.
checkClick on the “Get Started>>” link.
checkOptions will be displayed.
checkYou can click on button tagged “Buy Now” to complete your activation.