Why people are shifting from conventional hosting to cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting has begun making great strides and has already begun to establish itself as the standard in ushering a new era of web hosting. People and companies have begun making an exodus from the conventional hosting platforms to cloud hosting for a lot of good reasons. Whatever these reasons may be, it is a fact that a lot of cloud hosting companies are now becoming popular and are making a name for themselves.

What are the 10 most popular cloud hosting providers and what they offer?

The following are the 10 most popular cloud hosting providers:

100TB Site5

  •  offers Xen Virtualization Technology that allows rapid provisioning, fault tolerance and less complexity;
  •  ability to scale up and down depending upon the demand;
  •  redundant storage and a
  •  fully redundant network;


  •  fully redundant hosting; unlimited websites;
  •  easy management control panel;
  •  free Migration to i5, in case you came from another host;
  •  full scalability


  •  Advanced Server Monitoring for reliability
  •  Performance Booster Option for Speed
  •  Fully Managed Hosting Service
  •  Free SSL Certificate
  •  Two Free dedicated IPs
  •  Free Domain and DNS setup


  •  Easy to use
  •  Unlimited storage
  •  Secure Backup
  •  Completely automated


  •  Instant Flexibility
  •  Scalable Resources
  •  Security
  •  Self-Healing
  •  Fully Managed VPS


  •  Hourly/Resource based billing
  •  High Availability/Auto Failover
  •  SAN-based cloud storage
  •  60-sec deployment
  •  Rule-based auto-scaling
  •  Pause and restart capability
  •  Manage via LEAP3
  •  Windows / Linux VMS


  •  PC, Mac, Linux compatibility
  •  Sync Multiple computer
  •  100% automated
  •  Encrypted and secure
  •  Access files anywhere


  •  Redundant
  •  Scalable
  •  High Speeds Disks


  •  Self-healing cloud servers with automatic failover
  •  Gigabit unmetered connections
  •  23/7, 365 days UK support
  •  Deploy servers in minutes
  •  One IP address per VM
  •  Windows and Linux images 100 and counting
  •  Launch many VPS cloud servers in one package
  •  Automatically installation of templates with features like cPanel


  •  Guaranteed RAM
  •  Large size data transfer
  •  SAN storage
  •  Dedicated IPs
  •  cPanel add-on available


  •  Full root access
  •  cPanel availability
  •  Managed cloud hosting
  •  Fault Tolerance
  •  24/7 premium support
  •  Pro-active monitoring
  •  Redundant Hotswap Servers

How did these providers earn the right to be among the 10 most popular cloud hosting providers?

These companies were able to earn the nod of their clients by offering the best and most reliable service and the best bundle of features available in the market. Among the features that these companies offer are: support for various Operating Systems like Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X and Windows XP. They were able to offer notable elasticity and scalability that were able to adequately cater to the needs of their clients as well as a reliable technical support that is available to clients 24x7x365 days a year.

What should you offer to be at par with the most popular cloud host?

Most cloud host providers offer the same basic features in their hosting solutions. To stay on top, you should be able to find these in your cloud host provider:

  •  features that allow you to edit, share and collaborate documents;
  •  Features that allow you to encrypt your files using the highest security algorithms;
  •  Features that enable you to assign passwords, user names and control access rights;
  •  Access through mobile gadgets ;
  •  Data security, protection and integrity;
  •  Ease in management and operation; and
  •  Full support