Surfing the net can be a lot of fun and provides a vast potential for establishing your business online. If you’re someone new to hosting then the next step for you is read reviews about the top web host providers there is in the market today. iPage web hosting is a leader in the web hosting industry with a platform that serves over a million websites to date and continuously growing by the thousands each day. When choosing your web host think of the two basic things you significantly need to get started and help you maintain it. First is, (1) Affordable rates – you need to consider your budget and Second, (2) Unmatched quality – you need to consider how its service will impact your site and its daily visitors. Luckily, iPage web hosting value these two, so, what can iPage do for you? Find out more by going to its official website: for details. In the meantime, let’s have a look at more details about ASP and language scripting on what it does for your site.

What is an ASP (Active Servers Pages)?

ASP or Active Servers Pages is a script engine (server-side) which enables dynamic generation of web server pages. This is an internet information services (IIS) which is responsible for the creation of interactive web applications through the use of server-side scripting technology. A server-side scripting basically runs on a web server which is responsible for supporting the following functions such as: generating web content, workflow control and user sessions management. ASP is also referred to as ASP classic or Classic ASP as this was Microsoft’s first released server-side scripting engine through Windows NT 4.0 (Option Pack). Server-side script languages typically use CGI or Common Gateway Interface in generating dynamic web pages. This also includes scripting languages supported as follows:

  • ASP
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • ColdFusion
  • Ruby

Right now, all versions of the IIS (internet information services) are supported through the use of ASP pages. This will also be supported by Windows 8 OS with minimum of a 10-year period from its release date.

What is PHP?

iPage web hosting servers read and execute PHP scripting language as a means to successfully display your web pages or website online to its visitors and users. PHP scripting language is practical in generating dynamic web pages for your site which also includes other functions such as setting cookies, MySQL interaction and data collection. The recognized file extensions for PHP scripts are .php, .php5, .php4, .php3 and .phtml. Other acceptable scripting file extensions include Perl scripts using .pl and .cgi extension, Python scripts using a .py extension as well as the SSI files using a .shtml and .shtm file extension.

Script Restrictions

While the mentioned scripting languages are supported be reminded that the scripts also have restrictions on the following:

  • Memory: There is a maximum of 64M for your php.ini but as some PHP CMS applications require larger memory limit make sure to consider this limitation first. The same goes if the set php.ini default and if it is not enough you can be able to change this limit provided it will not exceed the set maximum.
  • Run time: There is limit of 60 seconds run time to all the PHP, CGI and Perl scripts. This can be the main reason when your script does not complete within that given timeframe because it automatically gets killed.

iPage hosting provides a shared hosting platform and one of its restrictions it does not support custom scripts (For liability and cost reasons). This means that iPage does not provide PHP or Perl scripts troubleshooting. As recommendation, assistance with your custom scripts is best taken up with a qualified developer or web master.