What is ColdFusion Support?

ColdFusion or CF is a rapid web application development platform that is to make the connection of simple HTML pages to a database easier. Later versions include features for enterprise integration and development of rich internet applications and an IDE. It is usually used for data-driven websites and can be used to generate SOAP web services and Flash Remoting.

ColdFusion Support is the process of delivering and providing specialized applications, software and services that is focused on ColdFusion stability and performance as well as to enables ColdFusion users get the most out of ColdFusion. It also means the hosting providers’ ability to provide for these services to their clients in order for clients to enjoy the ColdFusion system.

What are the ColdFusion Support Services?

ColdFusion support services are custom-made and tailor-made to fit the needs of each and every customer which means that customers are expected to receive the right amount of support. These support services focuses on the following:

  • Tuning and Troubleshooting Services –based on the Performance and Stability Stack (PASS), this allows users to find and fix causes of stability and performance problems. These services includes:
    o Faster identification of causes of performance and stability problems;
    o Code review and refactoring ;
    o memory-usage analysis and tuning;
    o thread-usage and tuning;
    o Bottleneck analysis and tuning; and
    o Complete and total review of the system settings and configuration
  • Infrastructure Services – service offers comprehensive design, implementation, tuning and maintenance services of the infrastructure as system performance and stability is dependent upon the hosting infrastructure. It includes:
    o ColdFusion Updater and hotfix assistance;
    o Clustering / failover and disaster recovery expertise;
    o Upgrades and Migrations; and
    o Complete hosting design and implementation of optimum performance
  • Launch Services – this service includes:
    o Accurate determination of maximum load that your system can handle;
    o Implementation of pro-active plans to handle increased traffic; and
    o Establishment of on-going performance testing process.
  • Database Services – database enhancements included in this service are:
    o Extensive Database tuning This covers index tuning, query tuning and disk I/O tuning
    o Plans for Disaster Recovery
    o Database clustering including automatic failover schemes and real-time data replication;
    o Vital on-going database maintenance which includes patches/updates and on-going performance;
    o Database monitoring and “self-healing” configuration, both of which are automated; and
    o Database upgrades
  • Development Services – this service focuses on building complex ColdFusion-based applications. This service offers:
    o Full lifecycle development services;
    o Architecture guidance for planning complex applications;
    o Development mentoring;
    o “”Rescue”” services ;
    o Migration of complex legacy systems to the web; and
    o Application audits to assess the viability of existing applications

What should I look for in a ColdFusion Support Service?

With ColdFusion Support Service, once should look for the following which are vital part of ColdFusion Support Service. These are:

  • Coding Assistance which shall include:
    o Code completion for attributes, attribute values, tags, functions and variables of the current scope, functions of Java classes and components created through “createObject” function, function arguments, and for inherited methods of a component;
    o Syntax and Error highlighting;
    o Code formatting and folding;
  • Numerous ways of navigating through the source code, which includes:
    o Navigating with Structure View; and
    o The ability to open a file or component with a specified name.
  • Ability to open files or components with specified name. 
  • Advanced facility to search through the source code; 
  • Code Generation, including:
    o Generation of code stubs based on file templates during file creation;
    o Insertion, expansion and generation of code blocks using live templates; and
    o Creation of various application elements through intention actions.
  • Run and debug configuration for ColdFusion; and
  • Viewing Method parameters information.

What is the latest ColdFusion Support service to date?

ColdFusion Support now offers Management Consulting Service which aims to provide the best guidance on problems and issues concerning the management of ColdFusion systems.