When it comes to staying power of a business, having an ironclad way of backing up their data is essential. Imagine what chaos will ensue if all of the sensitive information that they keep suddenly vanish due to corruption of their system, human error, machine failure, or even natural disasters like fires. The company’s operations will stop or, at the very least, slow down significantly. This could spell disaster for companies who attend to thousands of transactions per day. All of that necessary information will be irretrievable unless they have a way of getting back what they lose. This is the role of a backup system. However, having a system is not enough to ensure seamless continuity in the business. It must be monitored continuously in order to check if 100% of the data are kept updated. Crises are not typically scheduled and will not wait for you to finish backing up before occurring. If the backup system is not effective, the company will still face data loss. Luckily, there are now hundreds of companies that offer managed backup services.

Why do you need managed backup service?

Monitoring a backup system on your own can take a considerable amount of capital and time especially if you deal with a large amount of data. This is why more and more companies are opting for managed solutions. By outsourcing the tasks of managing their backup processes to third-part service providers, they receive assistance from people who are experts in this field. Here are other benefits of getting managed backup service:

  • There is no more need to cover the cost of buying the necessary hardware and software and hiring a team to manage the backup process;
  • The risk of data loss is significantly reduced, if not absolutely eliminated;
  • The service provider can give suggestions regarding how to use resources more efficiently;
  • You can choose when the backup will be conducted. You can establish a schedule (incremental conducted everyday, full backup done weekly, etc.) to be followed by the service provider;
  • Restoring is made simpler because it is done for you. Just inform the service provider what and where the files should be restored;
  • You can choose where to store the files (local, off-site, both).

How to choose a managed backup service provider

Since hiring a third party to handle your backup tasks requires that you allow that company access to your data, it is crucial that you choose a service provider with an unsullied reputation. You need to make sure that this company will not turn around and lose your data in the process. You also need to be assured that the company has superb security measures in place so that your files cannot be stolen or altered by malicious parties. Here are other factors to look into when you look for a managed backup service provider:

  • Choose a company who will not sell your data to other entities;
  • The company must have extensive knowledge and experience in backup management;
  • Choose a company that offers full encryption of the source and with a highly secure connection to their storage facilities;
  • Look for a company that provides constant reports regarding the status of the scheduled backup process.

The cost of managed backup service

The price of this service ranges from $20 a month to over $1,019. It is mostly based on the data amount that needs to be stored in the service provider’s servers. Most companies offer a fixed price for the initial 20GB worth of data that is stored and then charges an additional fee per 10GB of added storage space. This is practical, as you won’t have to pay for storage space that you won’t use.