What is a Database?

There are many technical terms used all over the internet and its other technological advancements and among the most commonly used term is database. Do you know what a database is? A database is where all the collected data is stored and organized. As a site owner you will prefer to have a vast database for your site. Fortunately, iPage web hosting provides unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth and MySQL database management system. A database management system or DBMS software is basically designed for creating, defining, updating, querying as well as administration of any database.

IPage MySQL Database

iPage hosting uses MySQL as its software used as a database management system (DBMS). This is also part of a management system referred to as RDBMS or Relational Database Management System. This software plays a key role when it comes to database creation, management and administration. Among the significant functions you can do with the iPage MySQL database are as follows:

  • Organizes collected records on database
  • Creation of new database records
  • Deletion of unwanted database information

Your iPage MySQL database is very handy when creating and processing raw data or information that are collected and stored. While some web host providers limit on My SQL databases amounts because of storage or hosting space issues you can rely on iPage hosting. When signing up with iPage you can enjoy creating multiple MySQL databases worry free.

iPage Hosting Service

The worldwide web is the perfect place to put your business out there. If you’re thinking of starting your own site to establish branding there are many different web hosting providers you can choose from. iPage web hosting provides two of the most important essentials (1) affordable rates and (2) unmatched quality. Being consistently part of the top 10 web hosts found in today’s market, iPage brings over a decade of expertise and know-how to its users and web developers proving its worth to be on the list. The basic features included in your iPage hosting plan are as follows:

  • SimpleScripts application installer
  • green technology campaign
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited hosting space
  • free transfer (covers the first year)
  • free domain registration (covers the first year)
  • unlimited emails
  • SiteLock Security
  • Free search engine credits
  • online marketing service
  • free blogs
  • an integrated site builder
  • Free marketing credits

You can also upgrade your basic hosting plan with iPage by simply calling the iPage support team (through chat, email messages or phone call) for activation or going online to www.ipage.com official website. Among the add-on features available for activation are: Automatic Site Backup and Recovery, Directory Listing and SEO, Domain Privacy and Premium SSL certificates. These optional premium services will definitely help improve your site’s foot traffic and page ranking.

How to Add Users to your MySQL Database

You can manage your users and accounts with your MySQL database and you can start by knowing the process of adding new users. The following guidelines are for your reference or you may simply click on this link for more details: www.ipage.com/knowledgebase/beta/article.bml?ArticleID=1379.

1. Login to your iPage hosting account.

2. Access your control panel.

3. Go to your MySQL manager.

4. Select your database where you want the new user to be added. This is found on the left pane.

5. Click the “Add New User” icon found in the right pane.

6. You may fill in the details required such as: the name and password then verify your password.

7. Then click on “Add User” to complete the process.