The internet is a fine source of information quickly and efficiently with only a few clicks on your computer mouse. You only need a few seconds and all related data to whatever you are searching online is conveniently displayed on your computer screen. This technological advancement is constantly expanding and evolving making everything convenient from online enthusiasts, public, government, private sectors, entertainment, media and most especially business sectors. The internet provides a vast reach in terms of target market; establish branding and getting basic products and services across the globe without having the need to physically place manpower. To get you started you only need a reliable web host, an affordable hosting plan and a uniquely irresistible concept for your site.

iPage Web Host

From beginners to experienced webmasters iPage makes having a website easy. Fortunately, you can get your essential hosting needs all under iPage’s basic hosting plan. A leader in web hosting iPage is highly preferred by web masters as well as its users for two main things: (1) Affordable Rates and (2) Unmatched hosting quality. When you sign up with iPage hosting your basic package will include these basic features as follows to quickly get your site online:

  • unlimited hosting space
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited emails
  • free transfer (covers the first year)
  • SimpleScripts application installer
  • green technology campaign
  • free domain registration (covers the first year)
  • an integrated site builder
  • online marketing service
  • free blogs
  • SiteLock Security
  • Free marketing credits
  • Free search engine credits

What is a Server?

A server is a system comprising of both software and hardware designed to respond to computer network requests in order to efficiently provide network service. Servers types typically used are database servers, application servers, web servers, gaming servers, file servers, mail servers and print servers. Server OS (operating systems) are also among the frequently asked questions when considering a web host provider. Among the most popular server operating systems used today are as follows:

  • Windows OS 
  • Mac OS X 
  • Linux

iPage hosting makes use of MySQL database server which is an open-source RDBMS (relational database management system) and second most widely utilized database management system. You can always go to the iPage official website through to get further information about your server flexibility and database.

Website Content Management

What is Managed Server Monitoring? This is basically a means of tracking servers and its performance or system status. You may receive email notification should any conspicuous condition or an outage is detected. With iPage web hosting you can be able to monitor your monthly bandwidth through your control panel. For detailed guidelines to utilize this tracking feature for your site click on this link: or read through the following.

1. Login to your iPage hosting account.

2. Go to your control panel.

3. Locate your bandwidth brick found on the left margin to determine what is used and available.

4. Click on “Details” to view indicators and additional information.

5. To increase bandwidth you can simply click on the “Add more” button.

iPage hosting makes tracking easy with only a few clicks as part of your website content management.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Besides your basic Essential hosting plan iPage also provides VPS hosting or Virtual Private Servers. You can get fully managed support from advanced hosting experts with your iPage VPS purchases. You can conveniently get assistance or query on the following topics:

  • Email, DNS
  • Custom configurations (MySQL, apache)
  • Website errors
  • Hardware failures
  • Site load issues
  • Network problems
  • Package, SimpleScripts Installations and Google Apps