The worldwide web has so many things to offer and while increased sophistication attracts more and more visitors it too can bring along unwanted malware that can place your site under unwanted website attacks. This is where managed server security services come which is a good thing but also would incur largely additional cost to maintaining your site’s quality and performance. With iPage hosting you don’t necessarily need additional managed server security because its add-on features can be activated easily. SiteLock security is also available as part of your basic hosting plan feature which saves on cost.

iPage Web Hosting Plans

iPage web hosting provides beginners to experienced webmasters hosting plans that are easy to setup and manage to get your business online quickly. iPage is a leader in web hosting and highly preferred by both web masters and its users for the following significant reasons:

1. Inconceivably Affordable Rates

2. Unmatched Hosting Quality

iPage has many different and viable web hosting plans its users and web developers can choose from such as:

  • Essential Hosting – Signing up with iPage’s Essential hosting plan will provide you your basic features to quickly get your site online such as: anytime money-back guarantee, unlimited emails, free transfer (first year coverage only), unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, SimpleScripts application installer, an integrated site builder, online marketing service, free blogs, SiteLock Security, green technology campaign, free domain registration (first year coverage only), Free marketing credits and Free search engine credits.
  • VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Servers hosting or VPS hosting with iPage gives you 20% promotional discount for the first term of your service with 1GB ram, 40GB storage and 1TB bandwidth. This will include free domain registration, free marketing credits, 24×7 support, personalized email, Google webmaster tools and 100% wind-powered web hosting. Your VPS hosting plans also includes the ability to create unlimited domains, sub-domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, pre-installed scripts, cPanel features, AW stats, Webalizer and Raw log access.
  • Dedicated Hosting – This type of hosting plan with iPage can be taken with 20% promotional discount for the first term of your service which includes 4GB ram, 500GB storage and 5TB bandwidth. You will get the following included in your package: free domain registration, free marketing credits, 24×7 support, personalized email, Google webmaster tools and 100% wind-powered web hosting. Among its advantages includes independent control, cloud-based flexibility, dedicated resources and fully managed support.

What is NameSafe?

A domain service that provides a greater level of security for your website is NameSafe. With NameSafe as your domain service it allows for you to make changes to your domain name on your account. You will no longer worry of the following unauthorized changes and disruptions when using NameSafe:

  • Adding Domain Privacy 
  • Removing Domain Privacy 
  • Domain locking 
  • DNS changes 
  • Name Server changes 
  • Contact information changes 
  • Unnecessary renewals

Having NameSafe enabled as your domain service will keep your site safe from unauthorized changes to your domain name. Only the owner of the administrative email address will be able to deactivate this service because he has the access associated with the service on a hosting account.

Domain Privacy

iPage domain privacy is an add-on feature you can easily activate with iPage hosting. Just contact your iPage support team through its different channels such as chat, phone call or email messaging. Domain privacy is a premium which incurs a separate fee of at $9.99 per year and this is on top of your basic hosting plan fees. The TLDs available for use includes the following: .org, .biz, .net, .name, .tv, .com, .info and .cc.

MySQL Database on iPage

MySQL software is used as a database management system (DBMS) with iPage hosting and utilizing this software allows for database creation, database management and database administration. MySQL is an open-source software which allows you to tweak with the following functions important to your site:

  • Allows you to create new database records
  • Allows you to delete unwanted database information
  • Collected records on the database are organized

The great thing about using MySQL databases with iPage having no limit on My SQL databases amounts. You can rely on iPage hosting as a viable web hosting provider and it also allows you to create multiple MySQL databases.