Managed hosting, as its name implies, pertains to the type of webhosting service that is administered by the service provider. It means that the company will not only lease you the use of their server, they will also take charge of the maintenance, administration, and security of the website or websites that you want to host with them. So, should you want to change or update any content or apps, all you would need to do is to inform the support team and the issue will be handled for you. To date, availing this type of hosting service can set you back from $30 to over a thousand dollars a month. The price varies depending on how much support you will require and what kind of hosting, VPS, dedicated server, or cloud, you will choose to have the provider manage for you.

Features that go with most managed hosting plans

In managed hosting, you would be provided with all the basic features that go with an unmanaged hosting plan. Some added features are:

  • Upgrades and installation of open-source apps like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress
  • Installation of SSL certificates
  • Setup of hosted applications and web tools for the website
  • Automated backup for the website
  • Log checking and Email archiving
  • HTML updates for the website (changing of contact info, replacement of logo, image changes, etc.)
  • Basic debugging of script
  • Data migration
  • Management of databases
  • Toll-free support via phone

The difference between partial and fully managed service

Just like the term “unlimited” when it comes to bandwidth and disk space, the term “fully managed” in web hosting can be relative. If you get a fully managed hosting plan, you would expect that the service provider would do everything for you. This is not the case. While some are satisfied with the amount of support offered to them by the host, most view that they are not getting nearly as much help as they though they would get. For managed hosting in general, the steeper the monthly fee, the bigger the amount of technical support you can expect to receive. What does technical support entail? For fully managed hosting, your server and website will be administered by the host’s webmasters regularly. In short, you won’t have to deal with technical issues like server upkeep or software upgrades. If you opt for the cheaper partial managed plan, you will have to take care of your share of the administrative functions with regards to your website.

Why choose managed hosting?

Large companies can afford to employ at least one Webmaster to maintain and monitor their website and server full time. Bigger companies even have entire teams for these jobs. However, for small and medium firms, hiring even one person to perform website and server related administrative tasks only can be too costly. Managed hosting is probably the best solution for this issue. Outsourcing the administrative tasks to the service provider’s employees can be cheaper than having an in-house Webmaster. Plus,

How much will it actually cost?

Managed hosting typically comes as an add-on service. So you will need to see first how much the regular hosting plan is then add the management fee in order to get the actual cost of a managed hosting plan. On average, this is about $29 for a month. This price is for an hour of administration time. Here are other pricing details for most of the managed hosting plans out there:

  • For extra technical support time, most charge from $50 to $75 an hour. So naturally, the more support you require, the higher the price you will need to settle.
  • Some companies offer fixed rates for their services. The average cost ranges from $230 to almost $400 per month. The price goes down as the length of your contract goes up. This means the longer you subscribe to a managed hosting plan, the bigger the discount you can get.