What is the typical method of uploading a website?

The most commonly used way of uploading a website, which actually means uploading a collection of files and folders, to a hosting account server is through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. The FTP is a program that makes it easy for you to select files from your computer and copy them to the hosting account’s computer. The program provides you with two windows, one that shows your files and the other the files in your hosting account server and all you need to do is to drag files and folders from window displaying the files on your hard drive and drop them to the hosting account’s windows, which essentially copy’s your website’s files to the server. Other FTP applications, though, does not use the FTP Transfer system but rather the FTP upload process.

Although there are other ways of uploading a website, the FTP is so far considered as the most common and the easiest way of uploading a website to the hosting account server. It works with almost all of the programs which are used to build websites, that is except Microsoft FrontPage.

What are the steps in uploading a website?

More and more people now choose to design and build their own websites for personal blogging or for business purposes. But what good is a website if it is not visible to others on the Internet. It is essential that after creating your website, you need to upload it to a hosting account server to make it visible on the net. The following are the steps in uploading a website:

  • First, it is essential that you find a good website hosting provider. A lot of hosting providers offer free hosting space to customers while some offer inexpensive quality hosting plans.
  • Next, check with your chosen provider if they support FTP. Then download the FTP application to your computer, if you don’t have one already.
  • Then install the FTP application into your computer by following on-screen instructions. You may need to ask for information from your host such as the FTP name. Other providers also have specifics on where and how to save your website files.
  • Next, connect to the web server using your FTP application by entering the username, password and server information, all of which are provided by the host.
  • Open the FTP client on your computer. If the FTP client displays 2 windows, called the FTP transfer, simply drag files from the window containing your computer’s files and drop them to the other window displaying the server’s files. If it uses the FTP upload, create a folder on the right pane for your files and then select your files from the left pane and click upload.
  • Lastly, check to ensure that your files are loaded properly through your web browser. If not, repeat the whole process.

Is it safe to download FTP from just any source?

Just like any other application, it is not prudent to download applications from just any source. The following tips may prove helpful:

  • Be sure to download your FTP application from a reputable source.
  • Make a little research through internet forums before downloading an FTP application as these can provide you with useful information.
  • Make use of FTP tutorials showing how to upload your site through the application.

How can I upload a website that is built with FrontPage?

For websites built with FrontPage, it is essential that your hosting account has FrontPage Server Extension installed in it because you need to use FrontPage’s “Publish” feature to upload your website rather than an FTP application. To upload, simply click the “Publish” button and enter http://www.nameofcompany.com. You will then be prompted for a username and a password, both of which are provided by your hosting provider. Once both are entered, your website’s files and folders are automatically uploaded and published to the internet.