Once your website becomes too big and gains a lot of traffic, a shared hosting plan might not be able to accommodate your site yet it does not need substantial resources if a dedicated server is used. With these in mind, you should consider getting VPS hosting instead. It is important to learn what VPS hosting is all about so that you can gauge whether it suitable fits your needs.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS or virtual private server is considered as a highly flexible, economical and scalable hosting solution that can fit with the needs of almost any kind of website. With this hosting, it is the ideal solution for those who need more than what a shared hosting plan has to offer but do not need a dedicated server. In this type of hosting, it is utilized to gain multiple virtual servers from a single physical server. You have to take note that this method is carried out by portioning a physical server into multiple Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Every VPS has an OS and resources that are completely independent from other virtual servers present on the physical machine. It simply means that the overall performance of a single VPS will never affect another VPS present on the same physical machine.

Why do I need VPS?

If you are a web designer who manages a few websites with long-term clients as well as offering an online portfolio, the shared hosting option might not be enough. For professionals, it is essential that your websites are functioning optimally. You do not want another website to share a server with you that is only utilizing more than its actual share on the resources. Getting a dedicated server might be too much since you do not need all the resources on a steady basis as well as the higher costs that you have to face. If your website is comprised of static, HTML-based content, you do not need VPS hosting. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of files to be stored, highly dynamic content, several websites and high traffic, it is best to upgrade to VPS. With this hosting solution, it is a potent package that will allow you to do more unlike with the shared plan, but entails minimal investment than a dedicated server.

Why VPS stands out from other hosting solutions

  • VPS offers low risk of unauthorized accessibility to hackers since each VPS is an isolated virtual machine, making it very secure unlike with shared hosting.
  • Reliability on performance since one user cannot utilize the large share of resources but can make the most out of its allocated resources.
  • Dedicated mail server with a dedicated IP address.
  • Customized installations for your website.

Is it time to move to VPS?

In case you are planning to move to VPS hosting, the first thing that comes to mind – is VPS hosting right for my needs? Once you are stuck in a standstill, there are certain criteria that can help you decide.

  • The branding requirements of your online business such as using private name servers.
  • High traffic website that requires speed.
  • Supportability that is either full or partially managed hosting support.
  • Better security that includes backups, advanced security and monitoring.
  • Improved management of the hosting needs of clients since you can create individual accounts within your VPS.
  • SEO requirements such as dedicated IPs, fast loading of pages and private name servers.
  • Advanced performance management options.

With the criteria presented, if one or several are essential for your website, it is best to consider VPS hosting. You will not only enjoy better functionality but also the lower costs involved.