Hosting services can be categorized as shared hosting, managed hosting, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. The lowest option in terms of price, performance and customizability is the shared hosting plan. For those who are in need of professional hosting, they should consider dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. With both hosting options, there are various options available which makes it difficult to distinguish between the two.

What you need to know about dedicated hosting


The dedicated servers are considered the fastest and powerful option yet some of the high-end VPS are capable of overtaking the low performance dedicated servers. It is a known fact that the dedicated servers gained a standing in the upper level of web hosting in terms of performance and are usually priced accordingly. There are certain benefits offered by dedicated servers that are not readily offering in VPS hosting. With a dedicated server, it is entirely under control of the user. You can easily reboot if required and even customized based on the software it operates. The hardware is another aspect that makes dedicated hosting appealing. With the VPS hosting, it typically shares the resources of a single computer but with dedicated servers, it puts all the resources under the control of the user particularly the hard drive capacity, memory, network access and processing power. Overall, dedicated servers offer a performance that is predictable, which is vital for those who intend to host e-commerce solutions or for monetizing a website.

An overview on VPS hosting

VPS are different from dedicated servers since they share a single server. With VPS hosting, it typically includes a minimum allocation of resources that is readily available 24/7. In some cases, the so-called ‘burst’ resources are available if the load capacity on the server allows it. The striking feature of VPS hosting is the degree of control users have over their hosting plan. If you have to reboot the server or install software, it is possible. Just take note that it is offered by majority of VPS hosting solutions, but not all features.

Advantages of dedicated server

Selecting the right hosting is vital since your website should be readily accessible at all times. This can be achieved by choosing a dedicated server. There are several advantages that you can gain with a dedicated server.

  • Better security for your online activity. Once you choose dedicated hosting, you are guaranteed with full control over the resources on a particular server. Along with regular updates and security patches, it ensures concrete protection for all online files as well as your website.
  • You will enjoy the reliability offered by dedicated hosting since the bandwidth is not shared. It simply means that your website will have full access to the resources that it needs.
  • Dedicated servers allow scalability where you can easily gain extra space without requiring you to migrate to a new server or hosting provider. This hosting can allow your business to grow without a lot of hassle.
  • Better control and flexibility over the hosting and server.


Benefits of VPS hosting

As a hybrid between dedicated hosting and shared hosting, VPS functions by creating virtual partitions on the server. With this hosting solution, there are benefits that you can gain.

  • Flexibility is offered by VPS hosting. With a virtual server, you can choose the OS that you want to use. You will enjoy full control over the virtual server environment.
  • As a web hosting solution, VPS hosting is the most affordable for businesses with minimal budget. All the benefits of a dedicated server can be obtained at a lower price.
  • Stability is offered since other accounts on the server will not affect your website in any way. As a result, your website is operational in order to allow 24/7 accessibility.
  • Performance is improved since you will enjoy fast loading of your website.