Privacy Policy

Web Hosting Plan Reviews is vigilant in protecting the personal information given by the client, which will only be given to the government or regulating offices that are mandated by law. This privacy statement complies with the commitment of Web Hosting Plan Reviews to protect the privacy of the visitors personal information. The reason for this is that Web Hosting Plan Reviews has developed its own privacy policy, which assures the client that their information will not be sold, shared, or given to any third party. A reason for the collection of the personal information is to confirm that any visitor requested information will be sent to a valid account.

Personal Information

There are two types of information that can be collected from you as a visitor. There is the personal information which you have voluntarily given or disclosed and the website use information when you browse through the website under collected information.

The personal information acquired by the website through multiple means of communication such as the email address and corresponding replies using the email method. Other voluntary information are those that are given by you through physical mail or by telephone.

Collected Information

The primary information collected by the website is non-personal information such as:

  • the date and time of the website visit
  • your IP address
  • Primary or previous website used to reach Web Hosting Plan Review
  • keywords used to reach the website
  • currently used browser to see the website
  • website pages opened and the amount of time spent

The reason for acquiring the above information is for statistical purposes with regards to website usage. This in turn is used to enhance the content and readability of the website so that modifications will be done to ensure that your visitor experience is improved. The above information is only retained for a temporary period of time since Web Hosting Plan Reviews normally deletes the information periodically.

Information Use

The personal information collected by the website will be used to facilitate the requested products and services, administering of business activities, payment processing, product and service monitoring, improvement of the website content and product offers, effectiveness of the marketing and advertising services, and the customization of products and services. This is done to ensure that Web Hosting Plan Reviews is enhanced to meet your requirements and needs. The acquired information enhances the modification of the website through voluntary and involuntary information feedback.

These information is used on an aggregate basis and thus ensures that any personally identifiable information is not shared with others. The information is also used to tailor potentially valuable services to you such as Website changes or special product offers.


As with any number of personal and business websites, Web Hosting Plan Reviews makes use of “cookies”. Cookies are small files that are periodically being saved in your computers for the purpose of saving logs of website visits as well as the used settings. Cookies are technically a back-up of your previous visit to a specific website without bogging down the speed of the computer on the next visit. Therefore the use of cookies ensures that the visitor experience is maximized since some areas of the website will not be opened for computers that do not accept cookies.

Cookies are considered to be harmless since it does not carry or pass on computer viruses as well as its inability to retrieve any information from your computer hard drive. You can always have the cookies deleted on a later date using the clean-up feature of your computer’s operating system.


If you do not want a record of your visit saved by the website, you can request to have Web Hosting Plan Reviews delete the personal information. These can also be classified as Personally Identifiable Information or PII which may include any information that were collected. Web Hosting Plan Reviews assures clients or website visitors that the information collected will not be transferred, sold or used by any third party.

Website Links

Unfortunately each web hosting site has its own set of policies and therefore may be significantly different from Web Hosting Plan Reviews. In order to protect the privacy of your personal information, you will have to check the privacy policy of the visited website before submitting any personal data. The reason for this is that Web Hosting Plan Reviews do not control the acquisition of information by other websites and therefore cannot request the deletion of personal information.

Policy Changes

As with any modifications of the website, Web Hosting Plan Reviews has the option to change its policies from time to time. In order to protect the rights of Web Hosting Plan Reviews, the updated policies can be read on this page since the continued use of the website indicates your understanding and consent to the websites’ privacy policy.