Cloud Hosting

Cloud technology has taken a lot of attention from most of the current businesses of the era. It has definitely been considered as more profitable than shared hosting and is sometimes even better than dedicated hosting. There are many technologies and platforms involved in cloud hosting, and even more are being developed. While most of the smaller cloud companies have mostly dwindled out, the bigger competitors are still dominating most of services today.

What is Cloud Computi ...

Colocation Hosting


Colocation Hosting is recommended for small to medium scale businesses who want the benefits enjoyed by large corporations without having to shell out the same amount of money.  Large companies have the resources to employ a group of IT professionals who will oversee the internet infrastructure and other technological needs of the company. However, for small companies or for individuals they do not have the capacity to employ these professionals. For this reason, there ...

Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Among the types of hosting plans web host providers have is the Dedicated Hosting. Dedicated hosting is basically when you rent out a server from your web host provider. You are the only one using the server in contrast in a shared hosting wherein there are plenty of users in a single server.

In a dedicated environment, you have all the resources to yourself. With a server solely dedicated to your websites’ needs, you will always have enough bandwi ...

Domain Names

A Domain Name is a uniquely created set of characters made for identifying the name of a website. This also sets the area in which the website can be found on the internet. Before, the websites had to be identified using IP Addresses, but now we can specify their domain names as the counterpart for those addresses.

Parts of the Domain Name

Usually, domain names would look like this:

There are three parts to that domain name:

  • Prefix ...

Managed Hosting

What is Managed Hosting?

A lot of people find it difficult to answer the question above. Even professionals find a difficulty in giving a concise answer. Managed hosting in general has something to do with web hosting providers offering additional managed services.

To simply define Managed Hosting, it is a form of Dedicated Hosting. The hosting providers or the Internet Service Providers are the owners of the servers and devices which are being leased to one client only. In Ma ...

Reseller Web Hosting

Nowadays, Web hosting is a profitable business that gives the sellers a lot of room for modification and creation. On reseller hosting, a company buys resources from a main web hosting provider and resells them for a higher price. They modify the website so that it is ready-made for the buyer’s liking. These resellers could be a company or an entrepreneur, depending on the type of website they are aimed towards creating.

What is reseller hosting?

While websites are defin ...

Shared Hosting

What are Shared Hosting Plans?

There are a lot of web hosting plans and one of these is the Shared Hosting Plan. This type of web hosting is where many websites share the same server.

When you are still starting on your business online, this is the one recommended for you. You can save a lot when you use this type of service since you share resources along with hundreds of website owners. The resources that you share often include but are not limited to computer processor, hos ...

UNIX Web Hosting

The creation of UNIX in the late 1960s paved the way for most of the multitasking systems of the modern era. While most of the other companies decided that they wanted to keep their products to themselves, Unix wanted to share their methods. These days almost every other operating system has a bit of Unix in it, with the exception of windows. While each operating system might be unique to its own features, the presence of the Unix Shell determines that they operate similarly to each other.

Virtual Private Networks

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a network that is secured over a public network. It is a private network inside a network that is accessible to the public an example maybe the internet. A Virtual Private Network allows a computer station to send and receive information across a public network while ensuring the security provided in a private network.

A VPN is just like the Wide Area Network wherein you can connect to multiple sites. V ...

VPS Hosting

What is VPS Hosting and how does it work?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. In a VPS environment, several websites are hosted on the same server but unlike in a shared hosting environment, each website in a VPS is fully independent as if it is being operated on its own server.

To better understand how a VPS work, think of an apartment. Each virtual server is like an apartment suite. You are given the privilege to install any kind of software in your virtual server withou ...

Windows Web Hosting

Currently, the most popular type of operating system being used worldwide is Windows. It is probably the type that you’re most used to, and even if you have never used windows it will still be easier to adapt to than most. However, the operating system you are using is very different from the operating system used in your website. Since the majority of your interaction with the website would be through the use of FTP or your web interface, using Windows on your home computer wouldn̵ ...